Wednesday, July 5, 2017

What’s Wrong with Template Video Creation Software?

This question begs repeating, “What’s wrong with template video creation software”? The template part, of course, that’s what’s wrong with video creation software; your presentation, identity, branding, and relevance, is being totally restricted by the limitations of your ‘fixed’ templates, the same exact ones that you purchased with your ‘video creation software’ package!

Whether the template is ‘image or video’ based, produces the same kind of restrictions for any business that is sincerely interested in creating a unique brand for themselves. Cartoon ‘stick’ characters, exploding graphics, animated logos, and words flashing on and off the screen that uses these fixed templates, are not the way to create a meaningful brand for your business.

Or even worse, the templates use many, too many, beautiful panoramic scenes, in both image and video, to use as a background in order to overlay your simple two-line or 4-5 word business message, for, 15-30 second business ads for example. These video creation programs cleverly make use of many, visually stunning, but totally irrelevant scenic wonders, of rolling hills, cascading waterfalls, or even spectacular skyscraper views from 400 feet above the pavement; these scenes, in fact, do not make for a personal brand. They can, in fact, cause more confusion re your existing brand or future brand to come.

How? By the lack of a ‘branding visual image’ for your unique business, products, and services. You see, these video backgrounds, these standardized templates, have absolutely nothing to do with you or your business. They are designed, and to be used for attention-grabbing purposes; mainly because they are visually attractive and engaging. It’s that simple! But, they can hurt you in the long run, or during multiple Ad campaigns. Because people can easily get lost in the visual, while it carries very little in the way of a message of your brand or business. The aesthetics and wonder of the scenes overtake your marketing or business message, your ‘brand’ therefore, will get lost in the ‘beautiful’ scenery.

Consistency, of content, image, and videos, produce confidence in your company, your business, and help create your brand. Your business needs personalized images, videos, graphics, logos, animations and art, specific to your customers’ needs and wants, and habits and desires. You do your selected audience, potential customer base, a disservice, by not creating images and videos that are relevant to them, and not, what’s the latest breath-taking view of whatever!

Every business needs to be branded; it must be unique to their business and customer base. All images, videos, and content need to be personally branded; and not, just by way of a logo at the top or bottom of the image or video. The image or video must relate to your brand and customers in some way, your text messages on top of these images or videos are secondary! These templates can only allow you to make certain basic changes, you only have a few lines of text per visual slide, and you may have 3-5 videos or video slides to use in your overall finished video; lasting again, 15-30 seconds in total. They are touted as being great for a quick Facebook or YouTube video Ad. But, at what cost?

Your image, your brand, and how you are perceived by your customer or potential customer base matters. It matters today, and it will always matter! Don’t cloud their minds with irrelevant and insignificant images/videos that do not reflect your company or business image. Using standardized templates are anathema to originality and creativity. Your business matters, make it matter, with every letter, word, graphic, image, and video you use. Don’t get lost in the sea of the same kind of videos and images, even as breath-taking as they may be.

Stay consistent with all your content your public sees. Be relevant and personal. Relate to their needs and wants. Use images and video scenes that they can easily relate to and ones that make your business stand out from the crowd. This is how you develop a brand.

Hopefully, I have made a good argument, as to what’s wrong with template video creation software