Thursday, November 24, 2016

Video Creation & Video Marketing: The Truth About Your Business’s Future

Video creation and video marketing as we all should know by now are the ‘in’ thing, for any business or marketer of any product, service or idea; it is the future of business. It works. It sells. It engages. It’s shared. Enough said!

What most businesses don’t seem to realize, either or after producing one or more videos, is what to do with them, once they’ve been made? Additionally, most business owners also encounter similar hesitation and even confusion, about the best types of videos to create for their business; and more importantly, to their bottom line, what their true costs will actually be. You see, videos can cost as low as a six bucks, for a 30-second cheesy photo-slide video with some text and background music, to thousands of dollars, for a professionally produced finished product; that garners both praise and admiration within their industry.

My thousands of hours of research into this exploding video industry over these past seven years has uncovered some very strange anomalies. Here are my facts: Most videos that are produced, either independently or by a professional video production house; we’re talking about 80%, are not designed for distribution. Most do not have any marketing or promotional legs once they’ve been created; there they sit, on their new YouTube channel, with, either under 100 views; or, just a few hundred, even after a few years!

Great videos; but, no way to get them to those that could have, should have, benefited from them…their potential clients! And, even if they did send them out to a few social media channels they are subscribed to, the content dies there, as they do not have many subscribers to send to; nor, are they active on these social accounts. So, what do they honestly expect to happen after the creation of one or more videos for their business?

As a business person, know this; there are many successful and workable formula’s and systems already in place, to help any business create powerful and stunning videos; affordable videos, that won’t break the bank! But, there’s just so much confusion and chaos in this marketplace; with every video wanna-a-be and video production house screaming to be heard! All claiming, that they are the best video creation experts.

Let’s get real; the creation of a video is not the end product here for your business; the number of people that watch it and engage with it, is your end result. Just because you can create or have made a pretty and stylish video, doesn’t mean it will give you your desired results, in terms of leads and sales; especially, when only a handful of people ever get to view it!

Many industry giants are predicting that video will literally change the world. According to a new report from Cisco, by 2019, online video will be responsible for four-fifths of global Internet traffic. The stats for the U.S. are even more impressive, coming in at 85%. Video is here and here to stay. It will or won’t be the future of your business; it will depend entirely on your video(s) and their targeted distribution network across multiple platforms and social media channels. NO VIDEO is an island unto itself.

Videos, once they are created, need to be marketed and distributed along the many social media channels, yours and many, many others. This can all be done automatically, with simple and affordable technologies; marketing technologies!

Here are some detailed social media stats your business needs to know:

As you can evidently see, your video can communicate with any of the above users, as it is free to be shared with anyone you choose when you are an active member of any of these social sites. Know this, if you know your potential audience, you can easily get any video to reach hundreds, even thousands of potential prospects at a time; that is, if you plan to market your videos; and most surprisingly, you can do this, even if the video is not professionally produced and costs thousands of dollars to make. The final cost of any video has absolutely nothing to do with its shares, likes, comments, or views! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Even the cheapest and cheesiest of videos can create hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of views; if, the video is relevant, entertaining, engages and compels the viewer to finish watching; and then, to take a desired or intended action; do what the video was created to do; get the viewer to do something. Opt-in, get a free download, subscribe, join, or call. The video initiates a call to action on the part of the viewer, your intended audience, your potential prospect! It activates them, because the video changed their mind, changed their view, or made them feel good. Those are the type of videos that work, personalized, customized videos that tell a real and truthful story, about your business, your products, and services.

You see, making a pretty, even cost effective video is NOT enough; even getting it out there to thousands of viewers is NOT enough. Why? Because the video must convert! It must be designed to convert! And, most videos do not sell, and are not designed to sell; whatever it is, you’re selling, or even pre-selling. Videos can also be a great prospect qualifying tool; that is, if they are designed specifically for that purpose. Videos are the best instrument to engage with your people; but videos, need to be created for real people, with real needs, and with real problems.

Videos don’t need to sell in a salesy sort of way; they just need to tell a good story and talk to your people on their level; as real people, and NOT just potential prospects to be sold! Astonishingly enough, what my research has also indicated is that even relatively poorly created videos, even with no calls to action; well, they still can take off and go viral…why, because they had a video distribution system set up and in place. 

Therefore, they generated likes, comments, shares, leads and sales! The future of your business rests entirely with your ability to create engaging videos for your audience; and to market these videos along the communication channels of their world; you know, where they hang out and share stuff, with other like-minded people, that they like and trust!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How To Use Creative Content To Drive Traffic To Your Site

How can your business use creative content to drive traffic to your website? Good question. First off, there’s so much content out there that it’s easy for anyone to become overwhelmed by it all. To drive traffic to your website requires two things; organic SEO traffic, or paid traffic. Those are your only options, other than, to blast out emails, mail out letters, make cold calls, or put up flyers here and there. Content is what drives traffic to any site; and, it appears, that the higher the quality of any content, the greater will be the returns, to bring in more, and a better quality of traffic.

What is creative content? Creative content is any content that is original, informative, well-written, interesting, engaging, easily readable, viewable, and gets the viewers, readers or listeners, to take the desired action. It compels people to act! That is the purpose of content; to engage the visitor to connect with your website and what it has to offer them. All creative content must connect with real people; it must be relevant to their specific needs and wants; including, their various actual pain points.

Creative content can take many forms; well-written articles or blog posts; engaging videos or podcasts; PDF files; reports, newsletters, webinars, seminars, lectures, email courses, eBooks, whitepapers, and the list goes on…. Please understand that spun content of any kind is NOT considered to be creative content, as spun content is a mish-mash of synonyms that have been substituted from an original written source. This content is designed to appear original; but, it usually does not read as well as the original; nor, does it convert people to take an action as well.

Well-written content that is of high quality should get you first page results in the search engines, without any paid means. Optimized content for relevance and to target specific keywords will also help your content get better received and even shared. The better the quality of your content, the greater is the chance of it being shared, as well as, the frequency of these shares will also increase dramatically! That’s the beauty and power of good quality creative content.

Most website owners don’t realize that only good quality content creates a flood of traffic to their sites. They think that they can just put up any quick piece of content, 400-500 words and that’s enough to get first page results; but, honestly, that’s not going to be nearly enough to interest and engage your viewers or readers enough to like, follow and share your content with their friends, associates and family. Only real relevant content can connect with your audience. There are no cheap or quickie fixes when it comes to quality content. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how to use creative content to drive more traffic to your site.