Thursday, September 15, 2016

Content is Not Just King, ‘Content is Everything’!

Whoever said ‘Content was King’, should have said, ‘Content is Everything; because, it is the most important element for an online webmaster or marketer to know; if they ever hope to achieve success within their chosen niche. Quality Content online these days, is like oil or gold discovered underground; right beneath your feet. It is yours to do with as you will; that is, if you know how to sell it to the highest bidder!

But, it must first be real gold and not fool’s gold; equally important, it must also be real oil, and not snake oil; if you get my meaning. Quality sells; and most importantly, quality resonates within the hearts, minds and wallets of every interested reader and viewer that loves your content; and devours it with every loving byte. Content is everything!

Regardless of the form this content takes, be it an article, blog post, video, podcast, PDF file, slideshow, etc.; the content you create or curate must be of the highest quality standard, and look and feel professional; or, if nothing else, it must be real! It must be real and honest; truthful and straightforward. It must be easily readable, viewable and understandable; while keeping your interest, and engaging you into an action; as intended. That’s what good quality, original content is supposed to do; to get you, into some sort of ‘feel-good’ action! Don’t you think?

I have said this many times before in my earlier writings and blogs, there can only be one original master of anything! In that article though, I was referring to an original work of art, and stating that there can only be one true master (like a Rembrandt or a da Vinci); the rest are all but imitators; nothing but duplicates, mere copies of the original masterpiece! I was arguing against spun content; because as a writer, I only know too well the true value and benefit of only producing and publishing, original quality written content, as opposed to the meaningless dribble of spun content!

It just works; and the readers and viewers love it; and then, they share it! Quality, irresistible and engaging content is hard to ignore; it captures your attention and interest from the ‘get-go’, and keeps you moving, as a willing participant, towards an intended destination. Simply, it just works wonders to create a loyal fan following!

I honestly believe that this is ingrained within our DNA and brain cells, to proactively engage in and respond to higher aesthetics, both in communication as well as within a creative and artistic framework. We know what we like and what we don’t, based on this innate and primal piece of our humanity; to be able to recognize and appreciate quality wherever we see and experience it. Know this, as an immutable LAW of internet marketing; “content is not just King, Content is EVERYTHING”!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Create Great Well Written Content

Create great content that is well written, readable and engaging; so that the readers will want more, even before they finish reading what they’re reading. Quality content communicates; it also resonates with the readers; as long as the message is tightly targeted, and uses their ‘language’. What do I mean by ‘language’? Language is based on shared realities, expressions, agreements and similar ways of perception. Your tribe, clique, group or organization, all have fixed beliefs, and ways of talking about matters, things and people that are common.

These like-minded expressions and individual emotional feelings towards anything or anyone keep the group in agreement and keep things real between them. They are both observable and measureable. And these, can also be skillfully used as a marketing tool to reach your people (whoever they may be); while communicating more intimately and effectively with your intended audience.

We are living in an Age where Content is King; at least quality content anyway! No longer will the search engines accept mediocrity, spun content, and other automated hacks to rig the system in the webmasters favor! Google evolves, Google updates, Google penalizes, and Google demolishes and annihilates ones rigged rankings; just ask JC Penny!

Quality, well-researched and well written content is the future of communication and mutual understandings; and not just online, but offline as well, within our society and other nations. It is where ALL the search engines are heading; now that most have AI’s to help them understand, assimilate and optimize their search results specifically to your search query. Know this, Google and YouTube understand EVERY word in your blog, on your site, and within your video. You are ranked or ‘tanked’ accordingly! :)

Therefore your words, expressions, connecting ideas and thoughts, all must be relevant and make sense to Google and the other search engines’ robotic analysis and algorithms; that is, if you wish to rank as an authority with relevant, well written, and great content. Otherwise, your content if it’s poorly written and just copied from here and there, won’t stand a chance. Google will know you, will rank you, and love or hate you, by the quality of your content and how well written it is for your intended audience.

I know this from personal experience; nearly a decade worth of writing millions of well written words, over a network of a hundred different blogs and niches. I know exactly what Google and YouTube wants, re content. They want, and now expect and demand the best. You know, content is King! So, if you really expect to be on the first page of Google or YouTube, know how to getfirst page results, every time; simply, by creating great well written content for your readership or viewership.