Saturday, August 20, 2016

Selling Physical Products Online Vs. Selling Digital Products Online: The Power of Numbers

Selling physical products online are and can continue to be very profitable and ever-expanding; at least currently speaking! But, what is even bigger and brighter, in terms of financial profit potential, is the power of selling and marketing, digital products online! There has never been anything comparable in the history of sales; we’re not merely talking ‘arithmetic’ growth, speaking mathematically; I am talking in realistic terms of ‘exponential’ sales! That’s the true power and dynamics of digital internet marketing!

Physical products are manufactured, they use physical materials, and they must be delivered across many distances, using physical energy and individual human physical power. They mostly deplete our fragile environment and create much more waste, as an immediate by-product of both their creation and eventual destruction. They are not sustainable; and most importantly, shareable, with many others, and all at the same time. This is their greatest limitation and expense! More about this point later on….

Selling physical products anywhere, either online or from a brick and mortar, will always have its physically imposing limitations. For one, you only have so much space to allocate towards storing it, as you sell it. Even if you have a fulfillment house doing all the storage and delivery of the physical product; even the refunds; you will still have limits as to your number of sales; and most importantly, your subsequent profits…no matter what! This fact is simply bound to the inescapable and undeniable physical laws of the Universe!

Whereas, with an in-demand digital product; there are no physical barriers or limitations; no resistance to expansion; no friction on your forward sales; and, nothing to stop the exponential growth of your digital product! One that I might add, also comes with zero waste; at least not in physical terms! This alone, is of astronomical value; as long as we’re speaking, using larger terms. The vastness of space, is of comparable magnitude to the numbers one can generate selling digital products online. Hyperbole? I don’t think so!

At present, there are over 5 billion cell-phones worldwide; our world is more connected now than ever before; and yet, we only have just over 2 billion people with internet connections worldwide; so you can see, digital information is still in its relative infancy! We still have about 6 billion people that will eventually, within the next few years or so, come online. For the near future, feeding, clothing, and servicing the needs of 8-10 billion human beings will not be an easy task; especially, in physical terms. We have physical limitations on our population growth; if we grow any bigger; well, as we’ve already seen; something will have to give, and from somewhere!

In the not so distant future, digital information that will be easily accessible, practical, readable and understandable; while being affordable to the masses, will generate not billions, but trillions upon trillions of potential profits; to those marketers that are willing to think in terms of BIG NUMBERS! Exponential numbers! Our only saving grace as a species, in this author’s humble opinion, is to market and sell online digital products to the ever-growing and ever-needy masses. They need information to grow, to learn, to understand; and they need practical and sustainable solutions to save their lives; no matter where they reside on our planet.

Those digital marketers that will be able to communicate and direct their digital products to the masses, will be the ones that will be guaranteed a financial future, based on unlimited digital needs and growth, and realistically based on the true desires of the many needy billions! You want to see unlimited financial growth? Find a much needed solution or an answer to something people find important in their lives; and then, find or create a digital product to meet those needs; specifically and caringly! This is your only true formula for unprecedented exponential growth!