Friday, June 17, 2016

Get Google First Page Results Every Time

Getting Google first page results every time is not only possible but actually attainable every day of the week; and by anyone wanting to achieve Google first page results. Over the past five years that I have been writing this blog, I’ve tested and discovered hundreds of different ways to get those coveted first page results, sustainably, consistently, and within a timely manner. Check out, Google Ranking For First Page Search Results; an instructional research video I recorded five years ago, on my Commandresults YouTube channel. It will show you how fast, even by fluke, you can get onto the first page of Google, almost instantly, by the very next day!

Press Releases can also give you first page status; again almost overnight. They are great for events, launches and announcements. But, they are not long lasting; they can get you onto the first page; your product or service; website, etc., but, it will not remain on the first page more than a few days; certainly not weeks or months. It has a specific purpose and can be used freely or for a paid service. My video, How to Become a PR Web Expert, is fun to watch instructional video and can give you tips on the power of using Press Releases in your business or website.

There are millions upon millions of bloggers in North America; actually, in most large metropolitan areas there are a million plus bloggers; and on various platforms. So, many people are vying for first page results, and depending on the searched for keywords; it could become quite the logistic and marketing battle, to get onto those first page results! Through organic SEO it could take weeks or months; while paid advertising, Google, Bing or Yahoo ads, will get you there within a few hours; once the ads have been approved they are indexed pretty quickly for first page viewing!

Posting comments in popular forums, making strategic comments on targeted blogs or websites within your niche; especially sites with a large following; including your links, is the best way to get your site, blog, etc. onto the first page of Google. Google wants to rank an authority site according, giving it, deservedly, first page status and rankings. So, find some good site’s and start creating some mystery, intrigue, and controversy, while you direct them to your blog, video, website or landing page!

My easiest method to achieve Google first page results every time has been to create a blog, and then, to create a YouTube video with the same title as my blog! Optimizing this video within its description and utilizing the appropriate keyword tags; even locally optimizing the video for my geographical location. This has been my biggest secret successful action, in getting consistent and really fast first page results. Just watch a few of my instructional YouTube videos and you’ll see for yourself truly how easy it is to create a simple video, with your blog content, and then post and upload both to your blog and YouTube channel. It is the only way I know to get Google first page results every time!