Monday, February 29, 2016

WP Fan Page Machine a Real Review

This is a real review of what’s wrong with WP Fan Page Machine. First off, WP Fan Page Machine is an automated software product that produces automated results; results, that have been fraudulently created, and ingeniously crafted to get other Facebook users engaged to respond, like, share and reply to your automated postings. Fake postings, created by spin software designed to create multiple versions of certain pre-selected words and phrases, spun in varying forms that make sense, but appear unique. People engaging with them believe them to be real; if they knew they were fake, they wouldn’t waste their time!

In this review of WP Fan Page Machine I will only tell you the truth; not as I see it, but the truth as everyone else will see it; everyone else that is, except those greedy or stupid internet marketers that want to get on the fast track to internet riches, through automation and sheer laziness! Sure the product works; but, I honestly suspect the real quality of their leads. And, yes it can make you money; but, this process is structured on a false premise and a lie. Is this really how you honestly wish to run your business by creating clients on false pretenses? This is NOT a long term solution to prosperity; I can assure you of that fact right here and right now. NO business survives for too long when your client base is based on a lie, trickery or chicanery!

WP Fan Page Machine can make you money; it can get you leads, likes, comments and shares; and yes, they are from real people; but, they are being duped into their engagement by fraudulent means. I would like to think that the most important part of any business is SERVICE; it has been described as the life blood of any business; yet, I need to ask, where is the service in tricking people? That’s tainted and toxic blood, don’t you think?

If you care about your business and its future, stay as far away from WP Fan Page Machine as you can, as these types of automated programs can only degrade your credibility with your base of followers or subscribers; once they discover how they were duped, by a robotic program that is not human or humane. It is just a machine, designed to generate income at the expense of those poor suckers, stupid or gullible enough to interact with it!

Here is a screen capture of who's on the first page for the keywords WP Fan Page Machine a Real Review. These are the scammers, schemers and fraud artists!

If you value your subscribers and clients, you will demonstrate that care with transparency, honesty and ethical business practices; and NOT, by tricking them, or defrauding them in any way. I want to build my business on helping my clients achieve their goals, ethically, morally, because I truly care for them. And, when you lie and steal from them under false pretenses, you betray their trust not just in you; but, in any other legitimate business, thereafter. You end up dirtying the waters with your automated pollution; this only produces distrust, and leaves one with a very bad taste in their mouth! 

Here is my video tell all:

Hopefully you can see the truth for yourself, as this has been a real review of what’s wrong with WP Fan Page Machine!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Content Creator Extraordinaire

What is a “content creator extraordinaire”; is it a gifted writer, an innovative video creator, a sexy and smooth talking, podcast info creator; I really need to know, who or what is a “content creator extraordinaire”? I will tell you, right here and right now; if only, because inquiring minds need to know! :)

As an experienced writer, ad copy writer, and copywriter of almost forty-years, I sure know how to say what I want, and to say it so that most people would understand what I have to say! My communications, my message, my word copy, is totally and deliberately targeted at my intended audience. I am only talking to them; only writing for them; only creating for them; and no one else! 
My writings and content creations are extremely personalized and totally customized for my clients, and their respective audiences! I only create for them!

The creation of extraordinary content does not come easily or without cost to me; each word, is painstakingly, but lovingly crafted, so that anyone (my targeted readership) reading my words, will immediately realize the power within them; the persuasive power of mutual understandings, through targeted, and highly personalized communications. I write as if people matter; as if we all matter!

The reason for this moniker, is very simple; I would like to rank for these keywords, ahead of everyone else on those Google first page results. Not for any other reason, than to do it. I am not looking for fame or fortune, as I already have it. I am just playing around, and Google search results, just happen to be my favourite playground. As you can see, I can easily achieve Google first page results.

Words, videos, sounds, and images are all brought together to produce an aesthetic creation of sensual delight. All our senses, including, our feelings and imaginations, are stimulated by any creative content that is of high quality and, one that communicates to us on a personal and transformative level. You see, the truth is, that well-written quality content is transcendent and, it resonates at the core of our very being! It is immediately uplifting, engaging, and moves us rhythmically towards the writers’ final destination…mutual understandings.

My reader, you; my viewer and listener, you; is what keeps me going and keeps my wanting to become a better writer. Nothing else matters to me! I create for you; in order to serve your desire for knowledge, wisdom, and even entertainment. Additionally, the reason I truthfully consider myself a content creator extraordinaire, is that I am a dedicated independent research scholar and prolific writer; unbounded by monetary constraints, such as needing to sell or make money for a living!

I write for passion, and NOT for the God Almighty Dollar! I take my time, I do my research, I double check my facts, and then, I begin to write; and NOT, with a written outline; BUT, with what’s truly in my heart, mind and soul; I write, the words flow, and I create an extraordinary piece of content; one, that I hope last the centuries…this is my personal definition for “content creator extraordinaire”.

Below is what I was able to achieve with this posting. I was able to get this content, for my targeted keywords on the first page within 3 minutes flat. 4th spot, just under Craigslist, Jotform and LinkedIn! The first screen capture is what the page was like before my posting, and the other after it.

Here are a few screen captures of where a video I created of the same title as this article, landed on the first page.

Here is my video of my first page ranking:

Friday, February 12, 2016

Content Constructor: A Truthful Review

This is a truthful review about Content Constructor; it is based on my opinions as an original and creative writer. You should first know that I take content creation very seriously; as I do, with the power of the written word! NOT just any word, but the right word, the one that moves people to take notice and take action! This product reminds me of an earlier product about seven years back called Articlewriter. It too brought back snippets of content as well as the URL it referenced; it did this in sentence aggregates, 10, 50-100 search results at a time for your keyword/phrase.

One blog posted an equally bad review stating that the contents were pure gibberish; they had to do with Donald Trump. He indicated that it would be next to impossible to write any kind of article based on the ambiguous and incongruent nature of the results the software spit back!

Check out this blog here:

Quality content that engages and compels a reader to read on and take an intended action, is what it’s all about on the web today. But, not just any content has the power to be shared, bookmarked, and made to go viral. This feat can only be achieved by original, creative content, crafted by the sweat and brow of the writer; painstakingly choosing every word and playing with every nuance, to insure a great read, as well as, mutual understandings between themselves and their readers. They write for them. Content that is copied from elsewhere, hastily tweaked, and casually reworked in just a few minutes, is NOT going to compare to original high-quality and creative content, that is targeted towards a specific readership.

Original creative content gets shared, liked, and talked about; while re-hashed trash, easily becomes yesterday’s news! This program is the lazy marketers/writer’s way to what…riches? I don’t think so! People are waking up to the value of good quality writing; people feel the words, they personally relate to the writer of any piece, article, blog, etc. In my opinion, this product, Content Constructor, can only create poor quality writing, while failing to give the reader the true goods. By that I mean, a relational, timely, factual piece, written with style and a unique voice; and most importantly, written with original creativity and grace. No second hand, regurgitated, mish-mashed words, could ever deliver that kind of creative impact to their loyal readers! Automation is great, for home appliances; yet, when it comes to individual creativity and writing style, no automated tool can EVER by-pass the person behind the word.

Content Constructor may save you time and money at first, creating these aggregated articles, on the fly; but, this not the way to build a quality foundation. Focus only on offering your website visitors quality content, all the way; and NOT, through ‘quickie marketing solutions’! Your Brand will suffer. Hopefully, you have enjoyed my truthful review of Content Constructor.