Saturday, January 30, 2016

Get First Page Results Every Time

Let’s be very clear about one thing; it is definitely possible, probable and almost certain, that anyone can “get first page results, almost every time”! Big statement I know; and an even bigger promise; especially these days, with Internet Marketing snake-oil hucksters ‘saying and selling’ anything they can, just for the sake of the ‘God Almighty Dollar’; and, all by way of so many, newly released and just recently launched ‘shinny objects’, that always seem to promise an ‘opportunity’ for untold riches and freedoms; effortlessly, relieving them from their current, intolerable, personal pain and misery. In fact, People will generally reach out to and react to, any hope that they feel may help. Desperate times create desperate measures; especially in the minds of those, desperately looking for a solution or an answer to their present problems or prayers.

In truth, your first page ranking factors are a function of the other competition within any particular niche, or, for a specific keyword; this alone will determine how hard it may be, or how long it may take, to rank on the first page for any particular set of keywords; yet, in most cases and for most keywords, they can be easily ranked for, in order to produce consistent and targeted first page results, every time!

My six year experiment monitoring Google first page search results has taught me many important lessons; including, understanding some of its major algorithmic ranking factors. As you know, words certainly make the world go round; and with Google, it’s definitely words that make their world go round. Everything Google does as a search engine is based on words and their intimate relationship with each other; their meanings and connections; their relevance and significance to other people, and other businesses; most importantly, the value of words to their bottom-line is factually measured in the billions; as anyone familiar with Ad(words) can easily testify!

As a creative writer and dedicated reader of more than fifty-years; I love words and their intricate, delicate, and sometimes even powerfully alluring impact they can have on our minds and emotions; persuasively speaking, words and their poetry, has been known to control, enrage, as well as engage the masses. Words have sparked revolutions, and words have also soothed and sedated the same angry masses. Words inspire and motivate; words have also been known to kill! This is the true power of words. So never underestimate them again, or the impact they play on your lives!

Words can help you get first page results every time; albeit, in a non-competitive niche; otherwise, it will take time and money to be able to achieve those first page results; time and money most internet marketers can ill afford; or, wish to waste, is more like it! Most marketers do not realize the real importance of words, well-written content; or the true value of current, well-researched, engaging, compelling, highly readable content. Anything that you write online, every word, is recorded, analyzed, assimilated, and categorized for hundreds if not thousands of connections by Google.

Additionally, everything is linked to content, mostly words and or images and words. Even every image that is on the first page results is also tagged using words, titles, and descriptions. Google’s’ robots cannot recognize images without their associated words and descriptors. That’s how they get ranked. So, if you want to really “get first page results every time”, use the power of words to do so!

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