Saturday, January 30, 2016

Get First Page Results Every Time

Let’s be very clear about one thing; it is definitely possible, probable and almost certain, that anyone can “get first page results, almost every time”! Big statement I know; and an even bigger promise; especially these days, with Internet Marketing snake-oil hucksters ‘saying and selling’ anything they can, just for the sake of the ‘God Almighty Dollar’; and, all by way of so many, newly released and just recently launched ‘shinny objects’, that always seem to promise an ‘opportunity’ for untold riches and freedoms; effortlessly, relieving them from their current, intolerable, personal pain and misery. In fact, People will generally reach out to and react to, any hope that they feel may help. Desperate times create desperate measures; especially in the minds of those, desperately looking for a solution or an answer to their present problems or prayers.

In truth, your first page ranking factors are a function of the other competition within any particular niche, or, for a specific keyword; this alone will determine how hard it may be, or how long it may take, to rank on the first page for any particular set of keywords; yet, in most cases and for most keywords, they can be easily ranked for, in order to produce consistent and targeted first page results, every time!

My six year experiment monitoring Google first page search results has taught me many important lessons; including, understanding some of its major algorithmic ranking factors. As you know, words certainly make the world go round; and with Google, it’s definitely words that make their world go round. Everything Google does as a search engine is based on words and their intimate relationship with each other; their meanings and connections; their relevance and significance to other people, and other businesses; most importantly, the value of words to their bottom-line is factually measured in the billions; as anyone familiar with Ad(words) can easily testify!

As a creative writer and dedicated reader of more than fifty-years; I love words and their intricate, delicate, and sometimes even powerfully alluring impact they can have on our minds and emotions; persuasively speaking, words and their poetry, has been known to control, enrage, as well as engage the masses. Words have sparked revolutions, and words have also soothed and sedated the same angry masses. Words inspire and motivate; words have also been known to kill! This is the true power of words. So never underestimate them again, or the impact they play on your lives!

Words can help you get first page results every time; albeit, in a non-competitive niche; otherwise, it will take time and money to be able to achieve those first page results; time and money most internet marketers can ill afford; or, wish to waste, is more like it! Most marketers do not realize the real importance of words, well-written content; or the true value of current, well-researched, engaging, compelling, highly readable content. Anything that you write online, every word, is recorded, analyzed, assimilated, and categorized for hundreds if not thousands of connections by Google.

Additionally, everything is linked to content, mostly words and or images and words. Even every image that is on the first page results is also tagged using words, titles, and descriptions. Google’s’ robots cannot recognize images without their associated words and descriptors. That’s how they get ranked. So, if you want to really “get first page results every time”, use the power of words to do so!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Marketing Hype is Alive and Well

Yes indeed, ‘marketing hype’ is still alive and actually doing better than merely just well! In fact, it is fabulously flourishing and prospering, even today, 2016! Our news headlines, sound or data bytes, are all designed for a dramatic effect! They are emotionally charged packets of info/news that continuously demand and  capture our attention and interest, specifically, by the commanding words used within the headlines and titles of things we read or view on a daily, even hourly basis. Titles sell, titles engage, and powerful headlines can communicate an effective message at the speed of light, or at least, as fast as we can read and be aware of these messages.

Every day, we are exposed, bombarded by, and inundated with, thousands of ads that are constantly being directed at us, from thousands of individual and separate advertising sources. The figures range for 1,000-5,000 ad messages per day. Obviously, we are not equipped to break through all of this random and multi-sourced ad clutter. No one is truly capable of being able to process that many visual/audio exposures per day. By this I mean, we can’t notice, absorb, or even judge the ‘personal meaning’ or significance behind these consumer messages that we receive. 

Additionally, most of these ad messages are not received by us consciously, while, they also come at us from everywhere! These ads are designed to capture our attention and interest as best they can; demanding and commanding our immediate attention, away from our other less demanding ‘life’ activities. They are crafted to interrupt our awareness and to get us to pay attention to their massage, whatever that may be, and in whatever form that may take. Video is fast becoming the main and most powerful medium to deliver ad messages to the masses. Video works. Video sells. And, video is very personalized, so as to engage and convert better than any other form of advertising…EVER!

Not surprisingly, our marketing hype has been transferred to this medium as well; with their commanding and emotionally charged titles that are clearly designed to get you involved on a personal level; while making absurd and generalized promises, disguised, as matter-of-fact statements of ‘expectation’. Here is one example of an online headline and title, “How to Publish a Book and Sell a Million Copies”. This other one, is certainly more blatant and even further hyped, “World renowned doctor says…You can Prevent and Cure Cancer Simply by Eating Two Natural Foods”! 

People, albeit desperate and unaware people, fall prey to this type of ‘wordy’ persuasion. They believe it and react to it; despite their reasoning ability to tell them otherwise, and to be able to discernibly read between-the -lines of this kind of hype!

This marketing hype trend will continue into the future, as more ads means more clutter, and the individual ad message, the one to be heard, viewed, read and acted upon, needs to be constantly used and re-used  in order to continuously rise above the cacophony chaos of our daily lives. Needless to say, “marketing hype is still alive and well”!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

How To Get Any Content Back to The First Page Results

Ranking any dead content, even many pages deep-like an old or unwatched video, an archived article or an ancient blog posting-back to the first page results, may take a bit of ingenuity and ranking know-how; but yes, it can be done! Let’s see if I can help you become a master at it by the end of this blog.

To appear on the first page of Google/YouTube again, your content needs a bit of a make-over; it needs further enhancement or optimization; modification or update; including perhaps, some link juice (energy), to boost it up the rankings. I’ll explain as I go along.

Let’s take on an old video for starters that is no longer getting as many views. They may be a few years old. Consider creating a new title and description for it. Find a suitable title that is current and contemporary; use words or phrases, keywords that are being actively searched for today. To find these, use any kind of keyword finder, or use the Google Adwords Planner Tool. Once you have a half a dozen or so popular ones located, use these keywords for your tags and within the description of your video.

You can touch up an old video through YouTube’s simple editor feature. You can also if you like, incorporate annotations, as well as embed this make-over video with whatever calls to action or links you wish. Including, adding any special-effects, a new intro, outro, new images, photos video snips, whatever you want; to make it fresh and timely, maybe even newsworthy; if you can relate to a current popular event or a talked about celebrity.

You can also use the same title, and description, if it still is relevant; and then, add to it as described. If not, just do what I suggested, creating a new look, with a more keyword rich and relevant description, with the appropriate new tags; based on your keyword research findings.

The mechanics for an old article or blog are basically the same as with a video. You may have to re-work the title, or add some more content, i.e., photo’s images, that has been titled and Geo-tagged for your keywords; and then, posting these to your blog or article, as an update. The idea is to make it current and relevant. Using current and relevant content, added as needed. You can rework written content in many ways, new intro, new conclusion, new references and links, quotes, etc. 

You can even find some current and popular content elsewhere and curate it on your site; while giving it your own unique spin, within your updated article or blog posting. Be creative. Be original. Be productive!

Now, once you’ve created your new transformed masterpiece, in whatever form, you will now give it the boost it needs to soar up the search results, to that coveted first page ranking. You can do this in a number of ways, free or paid. Free, may take joining a number of bookmarking sites and manually submitting the links or content to these sites, over a few days or with a free to join automated bookmarking service; so that they can distribute them for you automatically. 

Or, you can get someone on, to send them out, along 500 social bookmarking sites for $5.00, for example. I would do this with 2-3 different vendors. Be willing to spend $10-15.00 if you have to. This is the link and ranking juice it needs to become revitalized and shared, viewed, engaged, anew!

This is the only true and guaranteed way to get any content back to the first page results!

Friday, January 15, 2016

The ABC’s of Social Media and Social Media Marketing

Social networks and social communities, create social media sites, where like-minded and similarly interested people, can hang-out and exchange ideas, photos, videos, images, and any other content they like. Content, in whatever form, feeds the need for people to visit the website, to stay, and to interact, exchange and leave their comments, likes, views, and other content they may want to share with that website’s existing members or visitors.

Social media marketing is a mix bag of tips, tricks, strategies, and knowing what works and what doesn’t, in order to attract massive people’s interest, attention and involvement from within designated social media websites. They range from social, to business, to hobbies, to fetishes, even to hidden desires; all have a social platform and a social element; that of sharing content, likes, comments, or views, with other like-minded social media members. Exchange is the key; exchange is the currency, the life-blood if you will, of social intercourse. It is what fuels the engines of social change, social acceptance, social tolerance, and social innovation. This is what makes up our current online and interactive society.

And, if you wish to communicate and interact with any social group, you must first know and understand that group; its likes and dislikes; as well as its goals, aims and passions. To be a true and socially interacting member of any social media website, you must be current and relevant; your content must matter to its members; and, they must be both willing and have a personal desire to share your content with their friends, acquaintances and associates.

All social media platforms have value and merit as a marketing tool; or more specifically, a communication tool to disseminate and distribute your content along its channels. Keeping in mind, that specific content attracts specific interest and attention. Not everyone will be interested in basket weaving; nor, will they care for astrophysics. Yet, there is content and a niche for every interest or manner of social persuasion.  People love interesting subjects, events, people and things; while they also love to share these with others.

According to a last year blog posting in LinkedIn, on the ‘ABC’s of Social Media Marketing’, Lisa Bertorelli had a fountain of essential words to get to know and share, regarding this timely subject. The future of social media and social media marketing will inevitably bring with it an unknown as well as an unexpected.  “Advertising used to be so simple. Marketers pressed the button marked "campaign launch" and ads on TV, radio, posters and in the press would pour out. But that old trick won't work in social media. If an online campaign fails to tantalize and fascinate and neglects to encourage participation, it'll be ignored or blocked faster than you can say "sneezing panda"”.

The ABC’s of social media and social media marketing need to be understood from the above perspective.

First Page Results Does Not Equal Traffic

Why achieving ‘first page results’ does not equal traffic? Why is it that most business people starting out with a website or an online presence always believe that first page results equals a flood of visitors; when in actuality, based on a ton of past proof, it does not in fact equal any traffic at all? Yet too many people believe this fallacy and create their businesses and websites around it!

Depending on your domain name, the search volume of your domain name/title; and, if it is an exact match for any searched for popular keywords and phrases within the Google search bar. Having a non popular or unknown domain name will not drive traffic to your website, without someone actively driving that traffic through organic SEO, or through paid means. Traffic does not drive itself to any site, without there being a source or a cause for those visitors to arrive.

Your domain name, title of your blogs, videos, and photos, of your content and such, all need to be of searchable terms that people are actually searching for in their browsers; for your site, or content, to show up on the first page for a particular set of words or a specific domain name. Now, if there is no competition of other websites, titles and content, for those phrases or keywords, no competition equals no traffic!

Competition for a set of names, titles or keywords, means there will be people searching for them; people with interest, people searching for solutions, answers, and whatever they need and want from their online searches. They have desires that need fulfilling. The higher the competition, the harder it will be to achieve and maintain a first page position and dominance!

People, traffic, potential visitors, must be actively and currently searching for specific keywords and titles, in order to be considered as a potential source for subscribers, members, leads or sales. A non searched for keyword or domain name will be just that, unknown. No one will know about it and no one will come; at least not until you invite them to come; by whatever means.

So, it is very easy to achieve first page results by various means; but, to stand out amid the competition and bring a flood of traffic to your website takes more than just first page results; it takes knowing your searched for keywords, as well as your competition. Knowing your existing and potential customers better, their exact needs and wants, and what they are precisely looking for, will help you achieve those first page results; in this way, they will always find you; and not your competition.

Take a hint from a Pro, ‘first page results’ does not always equal traffic!

Friday, January 1, 2016

The Future of Internet Marketing: The Landing Page

The landing page is the future of Internet Marketing! Is that all? If you don’t know what one is, how they work, and how to use them in your marketing campaigns, then, you are NOT the savvy business person you may think you are. Plain and simple, without effectively using landing pages in your marketing and advertising arsenal, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table; more money than you would ever think!

Landing pages are nothing new, and they’ve been around since the Internet exploded on the scene. They were at one time better known as an opt-in page, or a squeeze page; they’ve recently gained an air of sophistication and importance for website/landing page conversions. Producing greater numbers of opt-ins, leads, and sales to any site, with no additional traffic; just by using the existing visitors, and converting them.

Landing pages have one specific purpose, conversions! To produce opt-ins, subscribers, memberships, inquiries, leads, sales, estimates, quotes, and any other specific or targeted action you would like your visitor to take while they are on your landing page! They are NOT to be used as a website Home page; as you should already know that a Home page has many other functions; whereas a landing page has only one, CONVERSION!

Sorry to flog this poor horse to death; but, even today, 2016, nearly half of all Adwords ads are still sending traffic to their websites’ Home page, rather than an ad match-specific, converting landing page! Now why is that, why are they throwing away all that money? I wish someone could answer me this one question…why all the waste?

Landing pages help a business do more with less; convert more leads and sales without spending more money on more traffic. They help save time and money, as they are more efficient in creating a bigger ROI on your investment on your weekly/monthly advertising costs; regardless of the ad source. Landing pages make you money, by hitting the right person on the right level at the right time. That’s why they are so powerful! They can be designed to be customer or customer ‘need’ specific.

Now, why are landing pages the future of the Internet Marketing? Because they will continue to do what most websites don’t do…create more business than any other action anyone else can take. They can bring you a 100 to 1 return on your advertising dollar. Is that all? And as such, they will continue to be used and valued for many years to come. At present, video landing pages and landing pages with background video-motion or animation are becoming ever so popular! Because they work; video is great for conversions, and every business person everywhere, should be using video in their business as well.

Therefore, in 2016, if you are NOT using landing pages to make more money, your future as an Internet marketer or business will be limited; and you’ll wonder why your competition has left you eating their dust!