Sunday, December 13, 2015

Drive Thousands of Targeted Visitors to Your Website Every Month

If you want to drive thousands of interested and targeted visitors to your website every month, I would like to offer you a very simple and powerful method that may only cost you $10.00-20.00 every month, for those few thousand visitors. This means, that for every new and interested visitor, it may only cost you a penny or so. That’s pretty cheap for a steady stream of qualified visitors! Don’t you think?

The beauty about this method is that you can scale it up as you need to, and as your list grows and converts, you test and re-test for higher conversions with your visitors. Imagine, being able to communicate to thousands of potential and interested prospects every single month; in order to build and develop a personalized relationship with them; putting both your ideas and products in front of them, in a way, that they will be eager and willing to receive! This is the true power of relationship marketing!

Within a year, and for the princely sum of a couple hundred bucks, you could easily build a thriving list of 25,000 subscribers strong; very engaged and interested in what you have to say or offer. Most marketing experts would agree that every subscriber to any qualified and targeted list is worth about $1.00 per person, per month; that is, if they send only one email with a paid offer, to their list, just once a month; and this is at a minimum of a 1% conversion! This means in factual terms, that after a year, this 25,000 subscriber list could be worth a minimum of $25,000 per month to you; if you know how to convert that list to sales every month!

Additionally, with this kind of traffic, Google will love you and rank you accordingly, to the first page results! Hopefully, even to the top spot of the first page for your targeted keywords or niche. Thus, it becomes a win/ win/win for everyone; you, your subscriber and Google! J
The key to this method will be a few minutes of preliminary research on YouTube; and then, leveraging other people’s ‘highly-trafficked’ videos within your niche, whatever that may be; and, arranging with the owner of the video, to display your link within their videos description. YouTube statistics will show you, ‘over time’, if this or any other video is trending, and most importantly, if it will keep on trending, and increasing in new views by the thousands every single month. You can find one or more videos that fit within your niche; and send them an email offering $10-20.00 per month to insert your link within the video’s description. In this link you can offer a free something, an eBook, a report, something that will be of value to this video’s viewers; that is within your niche and interest.

This is how you collect their email addresses, through taking these viewers that click on your link to a website or landing page in order to capture their interest, email and names. It may take you only a few minutes of your time and a few dollars per month; but, the rewards can be multiplied thousands of times, in hard earned currency! You can even outsource every part of this simple process to an outsourcer, for a one-time fee of $20-30.00 to get you started. All you have to do is put up the initial few bucks and a steady stream of visitors can immediately start flooding to your website. It is that easy. I have screen captured video proof; and you should also know, that this is currently working for thousands of other skilled and unskilled marketers!

In my next blog posting, I will give you a few examples of what to do and what to say, specifically, in your intro email to these video owners; and, most importantly, how to do the research, the simple steps involved, and what to offer them that’s fair for the both of you. All the steps will be screen captured so everyone will know exactly what to do. In this way, you can immediately start to drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website every month!