Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Control Your First Page Results

How can you control your first page results, every time? Allow me to share the answer to that skill testing question with you. First page results do not happen just by chance or because it’s your lucky day; Google first page results is only achieved by understanding and complying to Google’s’ ranking algorithm!

If you are new to SEO or Google’s ranking algorithm and are looking for some quick ideas, then you have come to the right place! Know this first, anytime you go online and leave your name or business name, address, email address, phone number, website URL, or any other data; it will be recorded, compiled, analyzed, and associated with any other similar or identical content anywhere else on the Internet. This is how the World Wide Web works! This is how it all works and how everything stays connected.

If you want first page results, and you would like to control those first pages, then may I suggest this fact: Keep all your data the same online; don’t change a thing no matter where you leave any trail of yourself or your business! Always us the same info or data to describe yourself, or your business! If you know the keywords you want to use or push, always use them in your content, or where you leave any data.

Become a member, subscriber, viewer or active participant online by way of joining Forums and by joining various websites, related to your interests or niche, and by leaving your comments as a registered user of that site. Make sure you have an active link or you use your personal name or business name!

Additionally, there are hundreds of classified ad sites, and hundreds of business classified sites where you can leave your info and particulars in some way. Each way adds to your authority, credibility and connectivity. These business citations can help your business locally rank in Google’s local first page rankings. You may come up in Google’s top seven search results; and the local map of where your business is located! You can claim this listing through Google and add your own data, photos and videos to this free web page, compliments of Google!

The number of citations or connections your site has will determine your positioning within those top seven results! As long as you have close to the same number of citations as your competition you will rank with them. If you have more, you may even out rank them! At least that’s the theory and it’s been my practice with ALL my own sites and Google Local listings.

Many businesses are searching to find an easy way to get those coveted first page results. If you need to get those results yourself then follow my best advice within these blogs. Because, there is one thing that I know better than anything else; I know how to get Google first page results…every time!

Check out this video I made a few years back showing people my results of "how to control your first page results":