Sunday, March 8, 2015

Get Google First Page Results By Using YouTube Video

 Here is a fact: In order to get Google first page results use YouTube video! You are working much too hard to get qualified clients to your business, without using YouTube video's on your website; or more specifically, through using YouTube video marketing in your business. In fact, you are losing out on at least 95% of your potential businesses leads! Not to mention…First Page Results!

This year 2015, will be called the Year of the Video; and, for a very good reason. Video sells! Video works! And, video gets people interested and interacting like no written or spoken words can, or ever will be able to do! Currently, there are 4+ BILLION YouTube views per day, every day! YouTube has as many subscribers as does Facebook... 1 BILLION subscribers and counting...!

97% of websites and businesses do not have a video on their website! And, according to Forester Research 2009; just by having a single video on your site, you are able to increase your Google first page rankings by 53xs! And, without doing or using any other SEO, backlinking, blogging, or article writing strategies; or most importantly, by paying sales people commissions to sell for you! 

This is all based on the most recent researched statistics and findings! If your competition is using videos...why aren't you? If your competition is ahead of you in the rankings, and you are not using video; or, have a video marketing campaign in place; then, stop whatever it is you are doing; and start creating a video; or, begin immediately to create even a simple video marketing campaign. It starts with just one video! Surely, you can afford to create just one simple video? Isn't your business worth the little effort?

Stop looking for solutions, quick fixes, high priced SEO experts and Internet Marketers; and start using YouTube videos! These videos will outlast all the expensive Gurus and experts; a YouTube video lasts forever! And, anyone can access it privately and view it 24/7, 365 days a year!

2015 WILL be remembered as The Year of the Video!

Use this amazingly effective tool to get your message out there and unto the communication lines of the World. YouTube is where it's at TODAY…and, it’s the surest way to get to Google first page results!

Here a few screen captures to let you know how easy it can be…

As you can see, YouTube video gets Google first page results

Here is a video of the fast first page results possible using Craigslist and YouTube results!