Sunday, December 13, 2015

Drive Thousands of Targeted Visitors to Your Website Every Month

If you want to drive thousands of interested and targeted visitors to your website every month, I would like to offer you a very simple and powerful method that may only cost you $10.00-20.00 every month, for those few thousand visitors. This means, that for every new and interested visitor, it may only cost you a penny or so. That’s pretty cheap for a steady stream of qualified visitors! Don’t you think?

The beauty about this method is that you can scale it up as you need to, and as your list grows and converts, you test and re-test for higher conversions with your visitors. Imagine, being able to communicate to thousands of potential and interested prospects every single month; in order to build and develop a personalized relationship with them; putting both your ideas and products in front of them, in a way, that they will be eager and willing to receive! This is the true power of relationship marketing!

Within a year, and for the princely sum of a couple hundred bucks, you could easily build a thriving list of 25,000 subscribers strong; very engaged and interested in what you have to say or offer. Most marketing experts would agree that every subscriber to any qualified and targeted list is worth about $1.00 per person, per month; that is, if they send only one email with a paid offer, to their list, just once a month; and this is at a minimum of a 1% conversion! This means in factual terms, that after a year, this 25,000 subscriber list could be worth a minimum of $25,000 per month to you; if you know how to convert that list to sales every month!

Additionally, with this kind of traffic, Google will love you and rank you accordingly, to the first page results! Hopefully, even to the top spot of the first page for your targeted keywords or niche. Thus, it becomes a win/ win/win for everyone; you, your subscriber and Google! J
The key to this method will be a few minutes of preliminary research on YouTube; and then, leveraging other people’s ‘highly-trafficked’ videos within your niche, whatever that may be; and, arranging with the owner of the video, to display your link within their videos description. YouTube statistics will show you, ‘over time’, if this or any other video is trending, and most importantly, if it will keep on trending, and increasing in new views by the thousands every single month. You can find one or more videos that fit within your niche; and send them an email offering $10-20.00 per month to insert your link within the video’s description. In this link you can offer a free something, an eBook, a report, something that will be of value to this video’s viewers; that is within your niche and interest.

This is how you collect their email addresses, through taking these viewers that click on your link to a website or landing page in order to capture their interest, email and names. It may take you only a few minutes of your time and a few dollars per month; but, the rewards can be multiplied thousands of times, in hard earned currency! You can even outsource every part of this simple process to an outsourcer, for a one-time fee of $20-30.00 to get you started. All you have to do is put up the initial few bucks and a steady stream of visitors can immediately start flooding to your website. It is that easy. I have screen captured video proof; and you should also know, that this is currently working for thousands of other skilled and unskilled marketers!

In my next blog posting, I will give you a few examples of what to do and what to say, specifically, in your intro email to these video owners; and, most importantly, how to do the research, the simple steps involved, and what to offer them that’s fair for the both of you. All the steps will be screen captured so everyone will know exactly what to do. In this way, you can immediately start to drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website every month!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

How to Get Your Website Making More Money

If you knew exactly how to get your website making more money wouldn't you take action! Getting Google first page results isn't enough. Your next important step is to get your visitors to take some action!

Here is a FACT: Any sufficiently skilled and experienced website developer knows how to effectively program and code your website; in order to give you ALL the audio/visual, ‘Bells and Whistles’ that your website could ever need.

But, I on the other hand, know how to make your website CONVERT, giving you ALL the LEADS and SALES that you could ever want. Now, which kind of website would you prefer? A pretty one or a converting one?

Allow me to introduce myself:

My skill set is as unique as it is results-oriented and performance-based. I ALWAYS produce CONVERTING results…measurable, sustainable and recurring, month after month, BOTTOM- LINE results for your business!

I am currently seeking motivated smart business owners like yourself, that want to see some dramatic results to their existing flow of leads and sales, coming through their websites or landing pages.

Here is a Web Industry FACT: That you may NOT be aware of…

40-80% of ALL visitors coming to ANY website will leave that website in a matter of seconds upon arrival!

It’s called the BOUNCE RATE!

And, this is without them doing ANYTHING or going ANYWHERE else on your website; and then, never to be seen or heard from ever again! How many visitors come and go to your site daily? Do you even know?

Well, I know how to stop them from LEAVINGdead in their tracks!

Businesses consider me to be a website/landing page conversion specialist and strategist, knowing precisely how to take any existing websites’ leaving visitors, and re-capture them before they leave, while converting them into active leads and sales in the process!

And, this is totally without changing a word on their existing websites; or, them spending another cent on any new advertising, marketing or promotional campaigns, going after new business!

I hope I have your attention; and that you can clearly see the value of this strategy. It works; allow me just 3 minutes of your time, to show you first hand, how it works, why it works, and what it can do for your bottom line!

Have you got 3 minutes to invest in your business?

Then please watch my short and highly informative 3 minute video; I promise you will never look at your business the same ever again! This video presentation will be narrated by myself and is totally customized to your specific business and website; it will dramatically show you through screen captures what all the excitement is about! More importantly, how you can make more money, by working less and spending less. You gotta love that! :)

Just send me your particulars, and my personalized video will be rushed to you them to

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Anatomy of a Landing Page: The Future of Internet Marketing

Knowing the anatomy of a landing page, inside and out, IS the future of Internet Marketing! A landing page has become every smart marketer’s most invaluable tool. And, if used correctly, it can take ANY existing websites conversions, and increase them by a factor of 2-4-6 times, for ANY specific and desired action! This Call to Action is what generates opt-ins, leads, and sales! Without this Call to Action…There will be NO ACTION! And, you will continue to get visitors to your site, idly passing you by, as they stay for a few seconds and then, just as easily, move on; the stats, the measurements, and the facts don’t lie!

There are many sound and valid reasons why someone would suddenly depart a website just as fast as they came to it! The ‘experts’ opinions on this subject differ only by degree, as their article titles clamor for meaning and understandings. “What Makes Someone Leave A Website?”-“5 Reasons Why Visitors Leave YourWebsite?”-“Why Do Visitors Leave Your Site So Quickly?”-“16 Reasons Why PeopleLeave Your Website!”-“What Would Make 46% of Your Visitors Leave Your WebsiteBefore…”-“25 Reasons Why I will Leave Your Website in 10 Seconds”. Just to name a few. J

The above facts and reasons, make knowing ‘landing pages’ a vital necessity to your future as an Internet marketer; without a doubt, landing pages are and will continue to be the future of internet marketing, and MAKING BIGGER BUCKS! ALL with less work and with less money spent. Check the stats for yourself, they don’t lie. Indisputably, landing pages create bigger and better conversions; both in terms of quality leads and quality sales!

So then, why aren’t more marketers, webmasters, and business people using them?

Exactly my point!

They are NOT!

For one, the main one, the actual skill set that is required in order to create an engaging and highly converting landing page is NOT an easy task; and, is mostly poorly done by people that think they know what they are doing, when in fact , they don’t know anything, and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a landing page!

Here is my take on this subject, illustrated with my own words….

 A landing page, and more specifically, a well-crafted and highly-optimized landing page-unlike a website that has many functions and purposes-has only one prime directive, and that is to turn any visitor into a qualified lead, a subscriber, a client, or a buyer! It gets them to take a desired action, through psychologically ‘written and visual’ persuasion! Unlike a website that can easily distract, confuse, or even overwhelm a visitor upon first glance and arrival, causing them to wander here and there within the site, or to bounce (leave) from the site, depending on their personal reactions to the site and its written/visual contents!

The stats are simply startling, and far too important to your bottom line to neglect any longer; especially, when it could be costing your bottom line hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every single day!

Truthfully speaking, it’s NOT just enough to know the anatomy of a landing page and its key structural elements; like the headline, sub-headline, form field, hero shot, and other CTA’s. Or, even landing page best practices. This is simply no longer enough, not these days, 2015-2016. These days, smart marketers need certainty, reliable and current facts/stats, and workable systems in-place, to generate quality leads, subscribers, and sales; just like turning a faucet on, they need to produce a steady flow of leads at will!

Creating converting and highly relevant landing pages is as much a process as it is an art. Tips, techniques, and other guru instructed strategies will not guarantee landing page success, by any means! Each website is different or should be perceived as being different, and all clients are NOT all the same! They shouldn’t be targeted as such; landing pages allow for targeted differentiation, categorization, and marketing research/analysis! Raw data, that needs to be constantly monitored, tested, tweaked and twerked to perfection. J

Landing page creation, that is, the creation of a highly converting landing page takes the following important elements into consideration; again, it is NOT a technique as it is a process.

1. Who is this landing page directed towards; who will be reading it. Create a detailed profile. You need to know. Optimally, every landing page should be directed to a different client or subscriber profile. Who they are, what they like, want, desire, need to resolve, need to know, overcome, gain, etc.

2. What will it take to get any visitor, within your profile to take an action; make a move to know more about you or your offering(s)? Specifically, you need to know, what will actually work in order to engage your visitor to know more, get closer to your product or service.
3. What separates you from the rest of your kind, your business, product, services, etc? What makes you different, your product or services better, longer-lasting, more affordable, easier to use, etc? You need to promote something that makes you stand out as being different than your competition. This should be a crucial element within most effective landing pages.

4. Simple design, simple modest colors, and simply presented benefits, all add to clarity and function, for easy converting CTA’s. Your landing page must communicate what the prospect, the customer will receive, gain, and benefit from; this should be clearly and simply stated. CTA’s should be natural and DIFFERENT from the rest of the CTA’s everywhere else on the internet!

5. Keep the customer or prospect on the landing page and get them to perform an action, a specified action. They should NOT be distracted by being able to go elsewhere on this page, navigation wise. Or, focused on ANY other action, then for the purpose the landing page was created to produce!

6. The landing page should be easy to read, and most importantly, the landing page headline, must communicate, engage, interest, and emotionally capture your specific customer profile. It must personally and intimately communicate to them, directly, without confusion or ambiguity!

This is why I know with complete 100% certainty, that the anatomy of a landing page is the future of Internet Marketing!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Control Your First Page Results

How can you control your first page results, every time? Allow me to share the answer to that skill testing question with you. First page results do not happen just by chance or because it’s your lucky day; Google first page results is only achieved by understanding and complying to Google’s’ ranking algorithm!

If you are new to SEO or Google’s ranking algorithm and are looking for some quick ideas, then you have come to the right place! Know this first, anytime you go online and leave your name or business name, address, email address, phone number, website URL, or any other data; it will be recorded, compiled, analyzed, and associated with any other similar or identical content anywhere else on the Internet. This is how the World Wide Web works! This is how it all works and how everything stays connected.

If you want first page results, and you would like to control those first pages, then may I suggest this fact: Keep all your data the same online; don’t change a thing no matter where you leave any trail of yourself or your business! Always us the same info or data to describe yourself, or your business! If you know the keywords you want to use or push, always use them in your content, or where you leave any data.

Become a member, subscriber, viewer or active participant online by way of joining Forums and by joining various websites, related to your interests or niche, and by leaving your comments as a registered user of that site. Make sure you have an active link or you use your personal name or business name!

Additionally, there are hundreds of classified ad sites, and hundreds of business classified sites where you can leave your info and particulars in some way. Each way adds to your authority, credibility and connectivity. These business citations can help your business locally rank in Google’s local first page rankings. You may come up in Google’s top seven search results; and the local map of where your business is located! You can claim this listing through Google and add your own data, photos and videos to this free web page, compliments of Google!

The number of citations or connections your site has will determine your positioning within those top seven results! As long as you have close to the same number of citations as your competition you will rank with them. If you have more, you may even out rank them! At least that’s the theory and it’s been my practice with ALL my own sites and Google Local listings.

Many businesses are searching to find an easy way to get those coveted first page results. If you need to get those results yourself then follow my best advice within these blogs. Because, there is one thing that I know better than anything else; I know how to get Google first page results…every time!

Check out this video I made a few years back showing people my results of "how to control your first page results":

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Get Google First Page Results By Using YouTube Video

 Here is a fact: In order to get Google first page results use YouTube video! You are working much too hard to get qualified clients to your business, without using YouTube video's on your website; or more specifically, through using YouTube video marketing in your business. In fact, you are losing out on at least 95% of your potential businesses leads! Not to mention…First Page Results!

This year 2015, will be called the Year of the Video; and, for a very good reason. Video sells! Video works! And, video gets people interested and interacting like no written or spoken words can, or ever will be able to do! Currently, there are 4+ BILLION YouTube views per day, every day! YouTube has as many subscribers as does Facebook... 1 BILLION subscribers and counting...!

97% of websites and businesses do not have a video on their website! And, according to Forester Research 2009; just by having a single video on your site, you are able to increase your Google first page rankings by 53xs! And, without doing or using any other SEO, backlinking, blogging, or article writing strategies; or most importantly, by paying sales people commissions to sell for you! 

This is all based on the most recent researched statistics and findings! If your competition is using videos...why aren't you? If your competition is ahead of you in the rankings, and you are not using video; or, have a video marketing campaign in place; then, stop whatever it is you are doing; and start creating a video; or, begin immediately to create even a simple video marketing campaign. It starts with just one video! Surely, you can afford to create just one simple video? Isn't your business worth the little effort?

Stop looking for solutions, quick fixes, high priced SEO experts and Internet Marketers; and start using YouTube videos! These videos will outlast all the expensive Gurus and experts; a YouTube video lasts forever! And, anyone can access it privately and view it 24/7, 365 days a year!

2015 WILL be remembered as The Year of the Video!

Use this amazingly effective tool to get your message out there and unto the communication lines of the World. YouTube is where it's at TODAY…and, it’s the surest way to get to Google first page results!

Here a few screen captures to let you know how easy it can be…

As you can see, YouTube video gets Google first page results

Here is a video of the fast first page results possible using Craigslist and YouTube results!