Sunday, November 9, 2014

What Makes Content Valuable, Readable & Shareable?

Simply, interest, activity and a good writer, makes any content valuable, readable and shareable! Content is either readable or not. It is valuable to the reader or not! And, ultimately share-able; only if it is interesting and readable to the reader! Without a sincere interest in the content and how it is presented by a good writer, a reader would not be compelled or motivated to read on and to share this hopefully, unique and valuable, well written piece of content with others.

Interest is a fascinating subject. People are ‘interested’ in things and other people; while in fact, only objects are actually ‘interesting’ and NOT other people! Keep that distinction in mind as you relate to other people and the content that you choose to offer them. Many things can make any piece of content interesting; yet, it is only dedicated and creative writers that can bring any content to Life; with their vibrant or witty personality and perhaps even, original voice!

I dare to say, as an experienced writer, that I find most written content on the Internet today is rather drab and boringly written; ‘dumbed down’ so to speak, by average or less than average, creative writing. Writers it seems are a ‘dime a dozen ’and, ‘any’ writing can be purchased on the Internet as cheaply as .03 cents a word, the average pay is about 1-2 cents a word for relatively passable and usually poorly written content! That’s outrageous; and, on so many levels!

If you pay a poor writer poor wages, don’t expect anything but poorly written content to be written by them; it’s that simple! That’s why most of the content on the Internet today has been cheaply written to fill websites with quick and low-cost content. Another inexpensive alternative to good writing, is to take any existing content or buy low-priced content and then, spin that content with a software spinning program that replaces words and phrases with suitable synonyms and relevant grammatical syntax, in order to create a ‘distinct’ and ‘unique’ copy, a reasonable ‘facsimile’, of the original article or text; so that, plagiarism and copycat software programs can find this spun content as being ‘unique’ to that original; if in fact, that original is online!

In other words, they won’t discover that this newly spun content has not been copied from any other source online! An added selling benefit of this software is that even the Search Engines will not penalize your site for having duplicate content. I have to say, why not pay a good writer in the first place!

Keep in mind that sharing any well-written piece of content with others is an ACTIVITY that can be measured for results! Sharing is a good indicator and demonstrates value in the offering of this content to others. Factually speaking as a reader, interesting content written by a creative writer that engages any reader and compels them to read on, is by far the best written content! This kind of content is priceless! Do I still need to ask, what makes content valuable, readable & shareable content?