Friday, July 11, 2014

How To Get On The First Page Of Google Free

Yes, you can actually “get on the first page of Google free”! Many how-to-gurus would disagree that this is possible, as they are only focusing on new domains, websites or blogs! But, in the real world, to get these first page results for free, and most importantly, today, is not just my opinion, but it is also a matter of fact!

There are many online devices, mediums, and portals that can give you those Google first page results, within minutes to hours of them being posted or uploaded. Interestingly enough, the most searched for keywords on this topic have been the following: As provided by Google’s first page results for my blog post title. These are the bottom-of-the-screen Google suggestions and, their respective links.

Obviously, there are many people searching for some answers and, relevant ways to get Google first page results for free! Yes, absolutely, unequivocally for free; and, without BS or strings attached! You can totally control your first page Google search results for your name, business name, website or blog! 

Factually speaking, many marketers and researchers have been able to control the entire first page results for their title’s, terms, or targeted keywords; and, in many cases in less than a day. How’s that for fast Google first page results!

Many people just can’t believe that it is actually possible to “get on the first page of Google for free”. I am not just a believer of this statement; I've actually and consistently achieved these fast first page results in minutes from posting a highly keyword targeted FREE classified ad; and even in some rather competitive niches! So, I KNOW it’s totally possible!

The following will give you a free and fast advantage for quick Google first page results; and most importantly, highly targeted traffic, responding to these first page results. Press releases of the FREE variety can work to get your content unto the first page of Google, just Google, “free press release”; FREE classified ads will also work, usually within minutes of the posting; sites like Kijiji, Craigslist, and Backpage, are just a few of the most popular. 

Use a good keyword search tool to find your words; and then begin to target your content around those key terms and low to medium volume searches! Design your ads accordingly. Use these searched for terms within your ad.

In the past three years since I first started this blog, I have discovered 100’s of ways to “get on the first page of Google for free”!