Sunday, May 4, 2014

Why Is Google First Page Results So Important to Any Business?

Why is Google first page results so important to any business? Let’s look at some facts and you will see that without Google’s or YouTube’s search capabilities, most of the 1.4 billion worldwide internet connections would be unknown to most of us! Google and YouTube help distribute and disseminate our content and videos across the planet, and perhaps even beyond!

 All of us in business need to become more educated and better informed of the enormous possibilities using the Internet for targeted leads, promotions, referrals, and SALES! It starts with Google first page results; and not just for your business name or website domain. 

Every business, in order to survive and thrive during these next few years need to be, and effectively, on the communication lines of the World! These individual global 1.4 billion internet connections will only grow! And mobile, is entirely another matter. With over 5 billion cell phones in current use world-wide, and growing; if you are not considering mobile in your marketing mix as a business entity, you are leaving a lot of money and your future behind! 

Google alone answers and directs over 90 billion search queries every month, over a network of about 500 million connections world-wide! That’s an enormous amount of data and content; not to mention, opportunity to connect with the rest of the world. Local for some businesses may be too small and an area of influence! The World...awaits!

As you can see it’s all about getting Google first page results; but, in a much bigger and better way. What is holding you or your business from getting on the communication lines of the world, and getting yourself and your business better known and well thought of?

My business is my passion! I live and breathe it lovingly, caringly, and even painstakingly, every single day; without reservation or hesitation! Begin to plan bigger, become better informed, and search and you will find what you need; or, the exact person that can help you find what you are looking for. This is the Age of Information; and if you are misinformed, uninformed, or just plain ignorant of the possibilities out there, and online for your business, then sadly, you are choosing a fool’s paradise!

And that’s it for my Sunday sermon, preaching on behalf of our collective online, Google and YouTube futures.

Oh, I almost forgot, get Google first page results!