Tuesday, December 24, 2013

In Search of Fast Google First Page Results

Are you in search of fast Google first page results for your name, website or business? Then please follow my best advice and business practice for achieving those first page results naturally, organically, and in a Google friendly fashion; especially, when timing is also an important consideration. Knowing the ropes can get your name, website or business indexed by Google almost instantly. BUT, getting those first page results to be stable and long-term, is entirely another matter! 

The first question and most immediate consideration should be, ‘what precisely will people that are looking for me, my business, product or website, be ‘in-putting’ into the Google search bar to find me’? What exactly will these words, titles, names and keywords be; you know, their literal wording?

Next step, will be to find out what shows-up on those Google first page search results for those selected individual keywords? There are only ten spots on each of Google’s first page results. Only ten positions actively competing for those same key ‘searched’ terms are displayed!

Now, you can FIND out what each spot ‘does or did’ to rank for those first page positional results. There are free and paid-for software programs on the market that can tell you the number of visitors, views, likes, backlinks, and other Google or YouTube ranking factors, that produced those exact Google first page search results; specifically, for those titles, names, or targeted keywords. 

For example, you can also target a product or service, or the specific keywords that are used to search for those; in order to achieve first page rankings. Finally, it is here, that you are ready to begin your conquest of Google first page domination!

Joining and subscribing to just these five social websites will almost guarantee you FIVE spots on those Google first page search results; depending on how you filled out your individual profiles, and the exact keywords, tags, and descriptions used within your content profiles. This step is critical to your branding efforts, in order to get your product, service, website, name or business onto Google’s first page search results...ASAP!

The sites are Google Plus; Linked In; Facebook; Twitter; and YouTube; and not necessarily in that order! Your profiles need to be FULLY filled out on these sites, and your content needs to be FULLY optimized for the search engines; including, creating a body of relevant links and selectively targeted social authority sites. 

The content and profiles need to be made Google and YouTube friendly, with natural and organic links, connecting to your other sites in a normal and non-rigged networked fashion. Thus, making the search engines know and recognize your existence; and more importantly, letting them know that you plan to stick around while becoming a leading and dominating authority in your niche or market!

If you don’t claim your virtual real estate and begin to dominate your first page results today, your competition will surely do so instead; making it even more difficult and costly to get to those first page results! The time is now; your business or product can no longer afford to lose even a single-first-page-spot on Google! Begin your successful strategy for Google first page domination today!

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