Sunday, June 30, 2013

First Page Domination: Get Google First Page Results!

First page domination can be achieved by any business or website! Unequivocally, I must insist, any business can get Google first page results; easily and effortlessly, almost guaranteed! I also know what it takes to maintain those first page results. In fact, I have been ranking for Google and YouTube first page results for nearly four straight years, without missing a first page for any of my videos, blogs, or keyword targeted articles. You see, first page domination comes real easy for me!

I know what Google and YouTube wants, in terms of valuable and relevant content. I know how to create and then take that high quality content, and get it out there onto the communication lines of the world; and most importantly, I know how to get a flood of traffic to any site by way of a premium PRWeb press release; or, by dozens of paid for, or even free, traffic generation methods and strategies. For me, it’s like turning on a faucet and filling up a glass of water. Honestly, it’s how I consistently achieve Google first page results...the easy way!

Your domain name or the set of keywords you will be targeting must get online. I am not just talking about creating a website, or being indexed by Google. It is about actually getting your business name and domain onto the social channels of our online world!


Your first step, is to create a keyword targeted, complete and consistent profile, along the most popular social media sites out there. Fully fill out all the data needed within your profile, when joining these sites. Complete the profiles using your own selected keywords. Be creative and descriptive, but consistent, among all the media sites you join. Write it up. Make sure they all have the same important keywords, within their titles, tags, and descriptions of your business or website. Have a standard write up ready when you join and fill out the profiles within these social platforms.

Be exact and be proactive!

First page domination can be achieved by outsourcing all this activity; in terms of getting other people that do this stuff for a living; getting them to join for you; and by using their expertise to fully filling out these profiles for you; with well research keywords, and their respective commanding titles! Surprisingly, it may cost you less than $100.00 to outsource all this stuff for you. Or, you can do it yourself in about 20 hours, your choice!

In my next blog, I will talk about how easily I achieved first page domination for my blogs and videos with zero traffic, no backlinks, and ZERO social status. Believe it or not, to get first page results and to achieve consistent first page domination takes Google and YouTube know-how, combined with organic and natural ranking strategies. That’s all it really takes!

Stay tuned...for the next episode of first page domination!