Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Social Media Jungle: Survival of the Socially Fittest

Welcome to the social media jungle, where it will take the ‘socially fittest’ and bravest to survive. Does your business have what it takes to meet the social media challenges that it will need to face over the next few years? Are you ready for a frightening rude awakening; a do or die, or get eaten alive approach to social branding?

My first bit of social media advice is free. Forget the numbers! It is honestly not just the numbers that will make your business a flourishing social success; it’s not all about social stats; the views, likes, posts, comments, links, and backlinks. While they all matter; most importantly, it is who you are or what you are trying to represent to your ‘public’ that matters most. The creation of your unique and special Brand! This is at the core of your future social media survival! 

These days, the foundation of any business or websites should be socially integrated and socially connected from the ground up. It must take your public/customers/clients/prospects and their perceptions, expectations, and considerations of your business and its activities into account; even before you begin any social media campaigns; and, regardless of whether your business is new or not. Looking back upon my forty years experience working with small businesses; it is my strong opinion that most are seriously in need of an immediate and professional social media make-over, of one kind or another, and NOW, before it’s too late!

I say this with all sincerity and truth, that most offline as well as online businesses do not have the foggiest idea of what to do with regards to social media, social bookmarking, social networking, social sharing, or social anything! Thus they waste money, manpower, and their energies, chasing after things that just don’t seem to work out so well. Do you think it is just an accident or bad luck that four out of five businesses are already guaranteed to fail within their first few years of being in business? It is a social jungle out there, or haven’t you noticed!

Basically, for your business to socially survive, your social media must consist of these four social darlings, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook; not necessarily in that order! Professionally speaking, the greatest social impact on your business will come from LinkedIn and YouTube; if you really know, or have someone that knows what they are doing. This is where ‘knowingly’ branding yourself comes first, prior to any media message you would want to create.

I say all this, because I also know for a fact that most business, personal or website profiles are severely lacking on these four social sites. Most people only fill out a portion of their business or personal social profiles. Leaving many points unfilled, undocumented, and underscored...which means, not used or picked-up by the search engines, or other social crawling bots.

Who you are, your image, your Brand, your message, and your communications all matter. Make them matter most, by first finding out what about your company, website, and products and services matter most to them. That’s where you should start. Build your strength and endurance to survive from the foundation up.

Become the Social King within your media jungle. Fill out all your social media profiles with a Brand approach; targeting your keywords, unique selling proposition, mission statement, features and benefits, etc. And, once created and activated, make sure to keep all your social media stuff regularly posted, uploaded, and updated!

Did I fail to mention, this is what it takes to Get Google First Page Results!