Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How to Use Social Media to Promote your Business

This is a simple primer on how to use social media to promote your business or website; and to consistently get Google first page results, for your online content creations and online promotions.

A successful action that a few of the online marketers use, has to do with leveraging the power and Google Juice of BIGGER players, bloggers, websites, etc., within your niche; or, those of your targeted first page results. For example, as of this writing, here are the first page players for these specific targeted keywords..."how to use social media to promote your business".

On this first page, is number 1. Their article is detailed and stresses the importance of implementing social media into your marketing mix. They repeatedly use these same keywords through-out the!

This article/blog with the same title as mine, and written back in September, 2011 by KimMcNicholas; which by the way also got 72k+ views. Not bad for one article or blog posting. It is the first Google result on the top of the page under the adwords.

Positioned and ranked for number 2, is with their very own take on this matter; sprouting their business words of wisdom from their ever popular Yahoo Small Business Adviser site. Your job, according to Yahoo, is to actively promote your business on the social media channels of the world; using whatever content you have or can create.

Please don’t get left behind, stay social media savvy and social media smart. These examples, tips and techniques, to promote your business or website are all free, and will not cost you a penny to implement. They have been gleaned from the ‘best of the best’; please feel free to apply them today!
According to Coach Deb of |Coach Deb TV, these are the key points to creating social media impact; or, as she likes to call it, ‘online persuasion’.

Here is an outline of the necessary steps involved to achieving social media control.

Attract like minded people to your website or blog. This is the right way to use social media to promote your business.

Connect with like minded people that are interested and see value in your knowledge, product or service. Connecting with these like-minded people can only promote your business; and they in-turn, will use social media to share your intended message along to their social connections.

Convert these like minded people to use, benefit from, or buy your products and or services. A satisfied customer is 23X more likely to buy than a non-buyer of a product or service. The state or current condition of your social media will totally influence your business growth and expansion; it is the cheapest and most effective way to promote your business, online or offline!

Realistically speaking, websites and blogs come and go, content is relevant for some time, and then it too eventually becomes replaced, out-dated, and irrelevant; no longer attracting Google first page results. This is the vicious and seemingly unbreakable cycle of most unsuccessful websites. Here today, and gone tomorrow! Your business and website survives and thrives on other people. Using social media, is the surest way to attract, find, and keep these potential customers.

Don’t be just like most websites and blogs out there; learn to create and control your own socially linked, relevantly connected, and multi-networked business Brand; whatever that may be! Social media is the tool to create your own social media channels along the communication lines of the world. Honestly, this is the only way to promote and to grow any business or website!

Use social media, or pay the price; which is, by becoming a social pariah and being communally ostracized from the social business pack! No one communicates with a loner. Get out there and make yourself or your business known and well thought of; using any affordable promotional tool at your disposal.

Your first step to social media awareness is to find out who you are (your business/website); what it is that you do (or say that you do); and, precisely how you want to be perceived or understood within your niche, as well as by your potential subscribers, prospects, and customers (your public). Creating and developing a unique and easily understandable business Brand, is one of your first steps to creating and maintaining full social media control. 

These days, this is a social must for any business!

My four social media musts for complete social media control consist of the following media darlings; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and of course, YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world. Any and every business and website must, absolutely must, be actively involved with these totally free social-sharing and social-networking websites. Actively, and daily!

Here is an image I created in Paint, a simple no-nothing image. This image was updated April 25, 2013; a few months after this blogs original creation. It was done for the purpose of showing how an image can make it to the first page of Google results for words 'social media'; where a blog or video would take a while, and with lots of social ranking. I will update in a few days, as soon as it appears on the first page of Google for the term 'social media'. Stay tuned for another easy way to get Google first page results. By the way, this image is fully optimized for first page results.


One way to create a big social media impact for your business or website, after you have established your own unique business Brand, is to design, develop, and write a keyword targeted premium PRWeb press release, linking and connecting your business or website, to a current media event, a trending celebrity, in order to give it a social media jump start.

This PRWeb press release, directly and instantly connects your business/website to the major media channels; by that I mean, the Radio stations, TV networks, Newspapers and Magazines, both online and offline, and can even allow you to selectively target specific geographical locations and demographics.

A premium PRWeb press release can get a flood of traffic to your business website; and almost overnight! This is a guaranteed method to use the News Media as your own personal social media platform to get your targeted message into the hands of the Editors and Journalists of the top magazines, newspapers and TV and Radio Stations. This the only way to promote your business for fun and profit. Some companies have seen a 50,000 increase in subscriptions in 30 days; and another, with $50,000 in profits for a four week period, from start to 30 days!

In this content creators humble, yet experienced opinion, if you follow my social media advice, you are almost guaranteed to get Google first page results for your websites and blogs! Now, get out there, and masterfully use social media to promote your business or website.