Friday, December 27, 2013

Getting Google First Page Results Does Not Have to Cost You a Cent

Yes, ‘getting Google first page results does not have to cost you a cent’; as unbelievable as that sounds, it’s totally true! Over the past few years I have tested over 100 different and popular niches using only free Web 2.0 properties; and I am here to tell you, they can easily outrank older websites, even .com’s, for their own domain names and respective blog/article titles.

I have dozens of hours of video proof of these accomplishments, and hundreds of screen captures of my ranking prowess and seemingly amazing ability to get these kinds of results. My full name for example, even as recently as a few months ago, took up the full first fourteen pages of Google search results for my first and last name. There were no other names, just mine, within those first fourteen pages! All my original content and social links.

With my original content and instructional videos, I have managed to rank for two full pages at a time. In other words, I was able to control the entire first two pages of Google search results for my respective websites and content. All this was accomplished for free, no money, not even a cent! Getting Google first page results has become both my passion and obsession. I love to spend my time testing, tweaking and tinkering about, trying to get to those first page, and mostly, first place rankings!

Please understand-very clearly, that unless you are ranking for a popular searched term, title or keyword, you may not get the traffic you need to bring a flood of visitors, views to your site or content. That’s why there is free traffic, paid for traffic and SEO traffic. Even free or SEO traffic if done by you, will still cost you time and energy. Plus a steep learning curve; this is a given! Paid traffic can be instantaneous; SEO traffic takes much longer to develop and rank for, especially in a highly competitive niche! 

Yet, according to my seven years of researching this subject, there are countless methods and sources of free traffic; that almost anyone can learn and utilize to bring visitors to their sites and videos. I can help you rank, and help you get traffic; so please understand that Ranking does not always equal traffic; sometimes it takes ACTION and proven methods to get this Google traffic!

I am saying here that you don’t need to buy a domain, hosting, and pay for traffic to get your name, business, websites or content out onto the communication lines of the World; or better still, your area of influence; geographically speaking. 

It is just like using building blocks, one block on top of the other. Or, like counting numbers, one number at a time; each block and each number represents another way to get bigger and better results. Once you learn how to build using these blocks, and also learn how to count to higher numbers, you can master block building and number counting. Honestly, it is just as easy for me to achieve Google first page the numbers!

Consistent, predictable and achievable first page results takes action as well as planning; knowing, and not guessing, about EXACTLY what it will take to get to those first page results, stably and hopefully, as a long  term business solution! During the duration of this two year running blog, I have discussed dozens of different and relevant ways to get Google first page results. 

That’s why I named my blog and videos the way I did; cleverly using the words, and ranking for each part (set) of them, separately. Like, ‘get first page results’; ‘Google first page results’; ‘get Google first page results’; ‘first page results’; ‘fast first page results’; and the list goes on. I currently rank number one for over 20 different and searched for variations of my Blogger domain name,

Over the course of the next few weeks and blogs, I will be giving you many tools to help you to achieve these first page results, naturally and organically. I will help you discover new links, knowledgeable people and some fabulous resources, to help you get the best from your blogs, websites, videos and content. Stay tuned...I assure you, getting Google first page results doesn’t have to cost you a cent!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

In Search of Fast Google First Page Results

Are you in search of fast Google first page results for your name, website or business? Then please follow my best advice and business practice for achieving those first page results naturally, organically, and in a Google friendly fashion; especially, when timing is also an important consideration. Knowing the ropes can get your name, website or business indexed by Google almost instantly. BUT, getting those first page results to be stable and long-term, is entirely another matter! 

The first question and most immediate consideration should be, ‘what precisely will people that are looking for me, my business, product or website, be ‘in-putting’ into the Google search bar to find me’? What exactly will these words, titles, names and keywords be; you know, their literal wording?

Next step, will be to find out what shows-up on those Google first page search results for those selected individual keywords? There are only ten spots on each of Google’s first page results. Only ten positions actively competing for those same key ‘searched’ terms are displayed!

Now, you can FIND out what each spot ‘does or did’ to rank for those first page positional results. There are free and paid-for software programs on the market that can tell you the number of visitors, views, likes, backlinks, and other Google or YouTube ranking factors, that produced those exact Google first page search results; specifically, for those titles, names, or targeted keywords. 

For example, you can also target a product or service, or the specific keywords that are used to search for those; in order to achieve first page rankings. Finally, it is here, that you are ready to begin your conquest of Google first page domination!

Joining and subscribing to just these five social websites will almost guarantee you FIVE spots on those Google first page search results; depending on how you filled out your individual profiles, and the exact keywords, tags, and descriptions used within your content profiles. This step is critical to your branding efforts, in order to get your product, service, website, name or business onto Google’s first page search results...ASAP!

The sites are Google Plus; Linked In; Facebook; Twitter; and YouTube; and not necessarily in that order! Your profiles need to be FULLY filled out on these sites, and your content needs to be FULLY optimized for the search engines; including, creating a body of relevant links and selectively targeted social authority sites. 

The content and profiles need to be made Google and YouTube friendly, with natural and organic links, connecting to your other sites in a normal and non-rigged networked fashion. Thus, making the search engines know and recognize your existence; and more importantly, letting them know that you plan to stick around while becoming a leading and dominating authority in your niche or market!

If you don’t claim your virtual real estate and begin to dominate your first page results today, your competition will surely do so instead; making it even more difficult and costly to get to those first page results! The time is now; your business or product can no longer afford to lose even a single-first-page-spot on Google! Begin your successful strategy for Google first page domination today!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

As the century old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Moving pictures, motion pictures, videos, usually reel out, visually speaking, at a rate of 30 images per second; this is how our eyes and brains perceive motion on the video screen. And, there are 60 seconds in a minute. 

Therefore, 1 minute of video is worth in value, 1.8 million words! Making video, the cheapest, swiftest, most converting, lead generating, and by far, the most retentive form of communication, advertising, promotion, or marketing, on the face of this planet! 

And, if properly optimized, guaranteed to get you both Google and YouTube first page results!
Now, I must ask, why aren’t you using video or more videos in your business? 

Within just a few short years, video will represent 90% of ALL content on the Internet. Text or words will continue to lessen in their effectiveness to wow and amaze! Is your business taking advantage of the amazing benefits and results video can create? Will your business get left behind other businesses that are effectively using video to their betterment? 

It is no longer just a question of getting to that coveted first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo; it has instead become...How can I dominate those first page results? If you are not using video to dominate your niche, market or keywords, you are leaving more than just money on the table, you’re giving your competition an open invitation to rob you blind, and knock you out of the competition!

Did you know that you can have a video created for your business as cheaply as $5.00; or, for over ten thousand dollars, your choice! That’s for just a minute long video; and as stated earlier, the equivalent of 1.8 million written words, in value. 

A photo or an image can convey many things to many different people; relative to their knowledge base, emotional level, attitude, and experience. It can stimulate ideas, emotions, expressions and new meanings; while conveying a sense of timelessness. A picture is definitely worth in value at least a thousand words!

Sound, music, and moving images combined can create a rich multidimensional, multimedia experience that can elevate our senses, and become ingrained and retained within our memories, much, much easier than with words. Video can create a lasting impression through sensual stimulation and sensual immersion, and has no other equal other than of course, personal contact! 

This is the power and dynamics of video. It is not just an exponential form of growth from merely using words; it is a quantum leap towards greater understandings! Therefore, if you would like your business to move to this quantum level, realize and act on this information and strategy; begin by using video today. Know what you know and apply what you know; or don’t, at your peril. If you want to achieve consistent Google first page results, use video in your marketing mix. Please understand; a picture is worth a thousand words!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Achieving First Page Results: How to Get on the First Page of Google

To get consistent and stable Google first page results takes more than following the latest system, technique, or strategy; it also takes ethics and integrity, towards those that you serve, within your community, including, your business industry. There are many, many ways to ‘rig’ Google’s rankings; instead, there are easy, simple, and Google friendly ways to reach the top, to those first page results!

Internet Marketers, Gurus, Experts and the like, will all try and sell you on their latest system, their way to teach you “how to get on the first page of Google”; and to finally, achieve these highly desirable Google first page results every time. 

Sadly, most people are too greedy, too lazy, too impatient, too unethical, to play it fair, and to take it slow and easy, creating quality content, real relevant links, backlinks, and a true following; that was earned and not paid for, through automation, and a countless bevy of rigged SEO systems! Yes, most people follow the fast and painless route to success, through other people’s self-serving creations and automatons! Spun content is no content; at least from an intelligent and informed readers perspective!

The real way, the only true way to consistently and stably achieve and maintain those first page results is through organic and natural means, just like for your health. Google and YouTube know exactly almost everything about your site; its links, shares, likes, views, comments, backlinks, and about a few hundred more stats and analytics. On the internet, Google is God! You cannot hide or fake your way through the Internet, not when Google runs it by Google’s rules and algorithms. Eventually, sooner than later, you will get caught, and penalized, SLAPPED!

So, my best advice to you is to create or have created for you, quality content, and NOT spun content; find a way to get this content out to the people that could benefit from it, or will be able to appreciate it for its own sake; this means, developing ways to contact, communicate with, advertise or promote to real people; without spamming, without forced subscriptions, and without boisterous or hyped claims, or ‘sleight of hand’ offerings, to get them to subscribe or fulfill your desired action!

Be very wary of overnight systems to help your website rank better in the search results. Stay clear of fast, automated, at the push-of-a-button systems; especially, the ones that take YOU out of the human equation. People serve other people. People prefer a more direct and personal approach. Don’t take your subscribers, clients, customers, visitors, etc. for granted. Get to know them, develop them, guide them, and lead them, with honesty, and relevant, timely, and useful to them, information. Winning over, one person at a time!

Are you starting to see a bigger picture here? Yet, not everyone is destined or inclined towards, “Google first page results”. It begs the question...

Do you want, “Google first page results every time’ you post any new content or upload a new video?

Then know this, real results, sustainable results, depend on following Google’s rules and advice. Be real, be natural, offer relevant and practical content, be ethical, and play by the rules of fairness; these will always truly guarantee you first page results over time. Be patient, be persistent, and be willing to persevere for as long as it takes, by learning and applying the simple and sound ways to master Google and YouTube first page results!

Thursday, October 10, 2013


First page results is easier to achieve today, than yesterday; for your website, business, or personal name. If you want to be discovered by Google, YouTube, Yahoo or Bing; know this, they are not the only players on this Internet Monopoly Game Board that can give you those much coveted first page results!

For example, YouTube is not the only video sharing site or video search engine of note; albeit, they are by far the BIGGEST and BADDEST around. Each one of these other not as popular video sharing sites can help you rank for those first page results for your particular keywords, business brand, personal name, or domain listing, easier and faster then you may think possible. Sometimes, within hours!

Here, let's look at some stats that may shock you; as each one of these sites gets millions, tens of millions, an d hundreds of millions of views each and every per month!

According to Freemake Blog  there are seven important one's you should be using if you are really serious about those first page results you're going after.

Vimeo is one of the fastest growing platform with a quite serious traffic. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo mostly holds prof-looking videos and has two options for its users: a basic account with limitations and a paid one ($59.99/yr) with advanced options and bigger space.

Vevo is the happening place music artists and music lovers. The former can use the site to promote their musical videos while the latter may find the latest and coolest bands of their liking.

For example, Miley Cyrus, for her latest video Wrecking Ball, has received over 277 million views in about a month, just on Vevo alone, never mind YouTube, or the other 200 or so video sharing sites out there! You can easily see, that if you are a musician who wants to get their name or music out there, this IS the place to be heard and seen!

Veoh is an Internet television service that hosts professional studio content, independent productions and of course user-generated material. Veoh allows you to upload videos of any length and embed them on your site or blog. Veoh probably accepts more formats than any other video sharing site, hundreds of different formats, and maintains an extensive community for you to participate within.You may message other people, rate your favorite videos, leave comments, and discuss anything you like or don`t like about the videos in their bustling channels and forums.

Veoh gets about a million views a day, mainly from North America. Potentially, your name, Ad, message or website, can have a million daily eyeballs checking you out!

Metacafe is a popular video-sharing website that has over 40 million unique viewers every month. Where you can find short videos in the categories of video games, sports, music, movies and TV. This smart an d savvy website features a special ranking algorithm that ensures that the uploaded videos are of high quality. Besides, unlike YouTube, Metacafe doesn’t host duplicate videos. Accordingly, each video can be uploaded only once. Additionally, Metacafe pays people for posting videos. If your content is popular among users and your video hit 20.000 views, Metacafe will pay you $5 for every 1,000 views. Using Metacafe almost insures any promoter first page results!

Not surprisingly, Flickr is not just for images.  The site also offers video hosting. There are also two types of account: a free and a paid one. With over 20 million monthly views, this popular photo sharing site is one place that can almost guarantee you first page results for your images, photos or videos.

Break is a trending and very popular website known for funny videos, laugh out loud video clips, movie clips, and generally, really funny pics. If you are looking at getting first page results for a photo, image, logo, brand, or video, this is the place to be!

As you can see, these are the most popular video sharing sites out there. There are over 200 plus places on the net, that has traffic, hordes of people, visiting these sites daily. If you are looking at getting first page results you better consider including these sites in your marketing mix!

Keep in mind, this is what I love to do, show you how to get Google first page results!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quality Content Begins With Your Reader

I insist, quality content begins with your reader. To communicate your message or content effectively requires more than the mere technical selection of the 'right' words; it also involves, creatively and sometimes even painstakingly, putting them together in the 'right' combination; so as to create a unique sense of rhythm, flow, voice, and style; while successfully engaging your reader to read on, and on, and on. It all begins with the reader.
But, not all written material or writers focus on the reader, their needs and wants, hopes and desires, or their thoughts and feelings towards the words used to describe and communicate the subject matter they are reading about. 

Most readers are looking for one thing, quality content that means something to them, and provides an answer to a problem or a concern they may have, easily and comfortably, using a language they can understand and relate to. They want to be educated and entertained, motivated and inspired, while being transported and elevated to another state of mind or heightened emotion. Isn’t that what we all experience when we do read something of quality or greatness? Similarly, when we find the ultimate solution to a personal problem or condition expressed in a clear, purposeful, and engaging manner, we also experience a sense of euphoria and conclusion.

First off, let’s define what I mean, we mean, and Google means by quality content. Because as we all know- not all content can be measured to be equal! As content creators, producers, distributors and publishers of written material, we should all be aiming a lot higher. I dare any internet marketer to say that spun content equals quality content. Because, I know that it isn’t true!

Quality content is readable, understandable, practical, and personally useful to the reader; it is also well written, grammatically correct, and contains proper punctuation and spelling. It engages the reader, compels the reader to read on, while keeping them interested and wanting more. But, that’s not all; quality content must also be truthful, factual, verifiable, unbiased, as well as being realistic and relevant to the reader; it must personally communicate to them, on their level, and using their language.

My four step formula for writing quality content is simple.

1. Find a niche, subject, or topic to write about.
2. Find out as much as you can about the people, the readers, which are interested in that niche, subject or topic.
3. Find out the 'language' they use, in their communications, to describe their feelings and thoughts about that particular niche, subject or topic. Use these same researched words in your content, so the reader will be able to identify with them, and increase their natural affinity for your content!
4. Communicate what the reader wants to read and is truly interested in; because, you took the time and due diligence to do your research to find out; and not, just to write what you 'want' to say to the reader; or, what you 'think' the reader would like to hear!

In this way, you can write about anything while relating to the reader on their level and interest. This is the only true way to create impact upon your audience while delivering quality content! Quality content begins with your devoted reader!