Monday, May 14, 2012

Free Classifieds Ads Can Get You Google First Page Results

If you need free advertising for your business, then Classified Ads can get you Google first page results. Immediately stop whatever it is you are spending your money on to get more customers to your business or website. I have something simpler, cheaper, to get your business found online...and for FREE!

 After almost two years of testing, tweaking, and researching, the data is finally in; and, it is totally conclusive! This info beats out all of our previous expectations for getting Google first page results! Within just hours of posting your ad, your company, your product, service or message, can be at the top of the first page of Google...GUARANTEED!

Now, you must be thinking to yourself...”If it really were that easy, everyone would be doing it.” Well, only the smart and savvy budget conscious business people are actually using the classifieds to get their business or website onto the front pages of Google! Do they know something you don’t? 

That it works! 

Or, are they keeping it a secret, so that their competition doesn’t know the reason for their sudden success; and, of their stratospheric rise up the Google rankings. Did you know that for most big cities, even smaller ones, there exists dozens, and even hundreds of daily, weekly, FREE classifieds and FREE local business listings? Yours for the taking...and using!

Most businesses do not know how to effectively advertise for Google first page results. Because not all ads posted make it to the first page...on their own steam. In some cases, the ad needs to be specially written so that Google recognizes it and ranks it accordingly.

Basing the title of your ad on specific targeted keywords is the start. Next, you must cleverly, reword that title, and include it as your opening first sentence with the body of your ad. Now, here’s where it gets really interesting. Make sure your ad copy is relevant to the search engines, and include in the body of your ad, important and relevant details about your business, product or service. Use your own keywords within your ads a few more times. Don’t stuff them in, use them with relevant remarks as you explain or detail your business or ad message.

Your ad will show up for those keywords, unless it is a very highly competitive niche or keyword selection; in that case, you need to use more classifieds, and more ads, targeting those, or less searched for keywords. This stuff works, but not for all keywords and all niches; especially, if they are already highly monetized by others on that first page results!

If you can, include pictures, links and images within your classified ad listings. Make sure the images/photos are all optimized, for the same keywords you are targeting. In the "properties" section of your image, add the appropriate title, name, subject, tags, and comments; defining that image for the Google bots; to give your ad even more relevance and ranking clout!

This stuff works; and gives me Google first page results...almost every time!

Try it and see what it can do for you...Or, contact me today and I can do it ALL for you!