Saturday, April 21, 2012

Get More Qualified Clients By Using YouTube Video in Your Business

You are working much too hard to get more qualified clients to your business, without using YouTube video’s on your website; or more specifically, through using YouTube video marketing in your business.  In fact, you are losing out on at least 95% of your potential businesses leads! In today's Video World, this is the surest way to "Get Google First Page Results"!

This year 2012, will be called the Year of the Video; and, for a very good reason. Video sells! Video works! And, video gets people interested and interacting like no written or spoken words can, or ever will be able to do!

Currently, there are 2+ BILLION YouTube views per day, every day! YouTube has as many subscribers as does Facebook... 800+ MILLION subscribers and counting...!

97% of websites and businesses do not have a video on their website! And, according to Forester Research 2009; just by having a single video on your site, you are able to increase your Google first page rankings by 53x's! And, without doing or using any other SEO, backlinking, blogging, or article writing strategies; or most importantly, by paying salespeople commissions to sell for you! 

This is all based on the most recent researched statistics and findings! If your competition is using videos...why aren’t you? If your competition is ahead of you in the rankings, and you are not using video; or, have a video marketing campaign in place; then, stop whatever it is you are doing; and start creating a video; or, begin immediately to create even a simple video marketing campaign. It starts with just one video! Surely, you can afford to create just one simple video? Isn’t your business worth the little effort?

Stop looking for solutions, quick fixes, high priced SEO experts and Internet Marketers; and start using YouTube videos! These videos will outlast all the expensive Gurus and experts; a YouTube video lasts forever! And, anyone can access it privately and view it 24/7, 365 days a year!

I can help your business or website create an optimized and highly keyword targeted YouTube video for your market or niche; that will be your unique and powerful message to promote your products and services to your potential prospects; and even, to the rest of the World...either locally or globally!

The cost for a professionally produced YouTube video of 60-90 seconds in length can be as cheap as $197.00! It can contain photos, video snips, even a narrated voice over, with or without a musical track; of your unique and well created message; including, the specific business products and services that you offer. It can be fun to view, interesting, yet attention grabbing enough, to get your viewers to take the next step and contact you directly. No more chasing after leads; no more running around and spending money that could be better used elsewhere!

Please contact me today, and let me show you the true power of having and using a YouTube video on your site; or, for your marketing needs! I can help you design the video, put together photos or video snips, even if you have none on hand! I can create a narrated script, even a musical background to make it engaging and fun to watch.

Get out of the past and move into the future today...YouTube videos are where it’s at for 2012! Please, write to me today; and let me know how I can help your business or website succeed through the power of moving images; that will communicate like no other medium has ever been able to do...until now!

2012 is The Year of the Video. Use this amazingly effective tool to get your message out there and unto the communication lines of the World. YouTube is where it’s at TODAY! 


Here is just one example of how fast a Youtube video can Get Google First Page Results:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

YouTube Video Marketing Gets You Google First Page Results

Getting Google first page results is a snap, if you are using YouTube video marketing to do it! Get more qualified leads for your business or website by using Youtube video marketing. It's that simple! If you don't believe me, please keep reading as I intend to make a YouTube video convert out of you.

First, you should be aware of some astonishing facts: And, if this doesn't convince you to use YouTube video for your business marketing needs...nothing will!

Currently, believe it or not; most of my targeted and optimized Youtube videos, they out rank Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, even Youtube, for their own targeted and highly optimized keywords. 2012 is the Year of the Video! And, if you are not seriously considering using Youtube videos for your marketing efforts, you are losing out on tons of FREE targeted traffic to your site(s)! Not to mention, all the Social Marketing and PR that you could ever want!

Youtube video creation is simple, fun, and ridiculously inexpensive to make; if you know what to do, and how to reach your targeted audience. I have been testing and tweaking Youtube videos for two long years; and, am finally able to share with you the secrets to unlock the doors to Youtube and Google First Page Domination!

Did you know that for just under $200.00, I can help you create a professional looking video; that ranks on the first page for your targeted keywords; within hours to days; and, that will put you totally ahead of your competition...GUARANTEED?

Did you know that with a video on your website or blog, that you have a 53x greater chance of being on the first page of Google? Many people are doing it all wrong in their attempt to get on the first page of Google, and get the commanding results they deserve.

Allow me to set the record straight and save you and your business a ton of time and money...on expensive SEO; outsourced backlinking strategies, that could get you de-indexed; hours of article marketing, posting to dozens of ezine article directories; using Internet Marketing Guru's that know how to make your expense; and, even through the use of social savvy media mavens that will get your name out there, unto the communication lines of the world; but, if you aren't ready to truly get the conversation started; ready for the traffic; and totally optimized to keep them on your websites pages; then again, you've just wasted your time and money!
Finally, here are some more facts that you should seriously consider:

There are 4.2 billion views happening every single day on Youtube! Don't you find that astonishing?

Youtube has the same number of users as does Facebook...800 million...and counting. It could very well surpass 1 BILLION views by the end of this year!

Youtube, next to Google, is the 2nd largest search engine in the World...and, it isn't even a search engine!


The stage is set, the cameras are rolling; and now, what would you like to say about your business that your throngs of followers will be delighted to see via Youtube video?

In my opinion, based on thousands of my used up hours testing and tweaking and working with Youtube videos and their results; it is the fastest, surest, and the most guaranteed way to GET GOOGLE FIRST PAGE RESULTS!

Here is a video proof of what I am talking about:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Getting Google First Page Results is Not All that It Takes

Getting Google first page results is not all that it takes to dominate your niche or market! It actually takes much more than that; especially, if you want to maintain that precious and privileged Google first page rankings. In this brief posting, I will discuss the many short-cuts and short-comings as it relates to Google first page results.

First, my most annoying pet peeve regarding Google first page rankings: Everyone and their friends, relatives, and associates are vying for those coveted and highly valued Google first page rankings; and, most don’t care how they achieve it; as long as they do; without too much cost, time, and effort involved.

The Google landscape has been dramatically and fiercely changing these past few years; as Google has expanded, upgraded, down-graded, de-indexed, and tweaked, their algorithmic rankings for positional first page popularity and staying power almost on a weekly basis.

What was, isn’t; what wasn’t, is; and, what could never be, has already come to pass...thus, Google has maintained control of their 500 million website empire; including, their almost 90 billion monthly search results by changing up before things get to predictable. As most intelligent people in the know, already know, Google rankings can be rigged!

Therefore, Google is fighting a never ending battle to outwit the foxes that keep sneaking into their hen house, and stealing their prized chickens. Recently, Google has become fixated on Global domination and global monetization of their Googolplex Empire. 

It is my personal opinion, that what we are witnessing today are the early signs of the unraveling of an antiquated search engine; that honestly, has become too BIG for their britches. My advice to anyone and everyone is don’t put all your eggs in one basket; find other sources of traffic; find other ways to promote your business, website and or cause. 

My advice to all, is don’t just rely on getting Google first page results; because, truthfully speaking, it’s not all that it takes to get yourself known and well thought of, and on the communication lines of the world. Facebook has 800 million subscribers and so does YouTube; there are so many different and popular social sites out there just crying to share your knowledge and experience with others. Find them, use them, and reach out to other like minded people.

I used to believe that getting Google first page results was the most important thing in your businesses future. My views, ideas and loyalties have now changed. Don’t be fooled by all the Google hype and Google posturing; get real and stay real. Getting Google first page results is not all that it takes to get your website or business out there anymore.

Don’t over reach, over-pay, and over achieve towards getting Google first page results; because knowing what I now know of Google; you are going to have to keep spending, keep changing, as Google changes its mighty grasp over your life and your businesses hopes and dreams. Buyers beware; because, nothing last forever, not even your precious Google first page results!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Content Curation vs.Content Creation

Today we will discuss the merits of content curation vs.Content creation in getting Google first page results. It is easier than you may think to achieve consistent and predictable Google first page results for your blogs or websites. In this series you will discover exactly what it takes to get your products, services, and content unto the communications lines of the world; while out ranking your competition in the process!

In my last blog, I barely scratched the surface of content curation. Allow me to continue its many praises and virtues. Basically, it involves finding and using quality content from somewhere else; another source other than your own. Content that has already been thoroughly and professionally researched;  indexed, and usually uploaded or posted on an existing authority site; one that has already been valued and ranked!

You can borrow and use this content on your own website; while giving it its proper attribution; copyright recognition. In the meantime; you can take this highly valued content; and re-purpose it slightly by adding your own comments; introduction and ending; using it relevantly, and relating it to your readers or viewers specific needs, wants and thirst for valuable content. As long as you give credit where credit is due; and provide the links and source; you can get away with its use on your website or blog.

Content curation saves any webmaster, blogger or website owner; time, money and effort; in creating original content, and in doing the preliminary and sometimes tedious tasks of research and writing those highly prized well written words; or quality and informative video creation.

Now, content creation is entirely another manner; and requires much more time, research and money, to pay someone to create the content and do the research for you; or, you must do part or all of the above yourself. Keep in mind, that your readers or viewers are becoming increasingly demanding; and it becomes much harder to keep the content flowing; originally, creatively, and with authority. Content curation solves this problem, easily and effectively; and most importantly; with very little cost of time or money to you; while giving you maximum bang for your buck, in terms of authority. Honestly, it can’t be beat!

Personally, as an independent research scholar; and as a talented and highly gifted writer; I prefer to do everything myself; and, passionately write what I want; when I want; and how I want. Within about an hour; I can creatively research and write about 500-600 words without too much effort; or create a quick video for prime-time! I should say, ready for distribution on YouTube; and the many other video sharing sites out there.

So there you have it; content curation vs. content creation; one or the other,  will always get you Google first page results...every time! Your choice, your time, and of course, your money; I hope this has helped you decide which is the best route for you!