Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fighting for First Page Search Results

How many people are fighting for first page search results; and, even paying to rig their rankings? Globally, and currently, Google manages about 88 billion search queries every single month. That’s a lot of traffic! So, where does your business stand out amongst those massive numbers? Who’s looking for you, and can they easily find your business, amongst those billions of other search queries; these are the most important questions that you as a business owner should be asking yourself? And, more importantly, being able to answer each one of them with full certainty!

Getting Google first page search results can be a lot easier than you may think; that is, if you know what you’re doing. Surprisingly, you no longer have to fight tooth and claw to achieve those first page results. Most people, even webmasters, don’t realize that to get to the first page of Google takes more than just lots of backlinks. To achieve consistent and steady Google first page rankings, one must create original and relevant content; and not, spun gibberish and nonsense from those idiotic robotic spinners out there! Truly, it is words, words, words, that make our World go round. Original, unique, and lovingly chosen, hand crafted words. Each, with a meaning of its own, and adding to the understanding of the whole sentence and the paragraph that follows.

Google finds relevance through words, links, and social connections; if you are going to get heard above the crowd, you must be strategically positioned to be found and or noticed, by those that need your business products services. When doing any search, most people use a ‘specific set’ of words, search phrases, or keywords, to find your business concern. Your business better be found on the first page of those words; or, 98% of the web traffic, your potential clients, will never go beyond the first page search results. Moral of that story...make sure you’re on the first page of Google or your business will NEVER be found!

Social media control can help any blog, website, or video; make it to the top of the search results. But it takes a planned campaign, knowing your target market, because you have spent either the time or money to research your niche, through proper keyword research targeting. This is the key to your Google first page rankings. I hope you never have to fight for first page search results, like most people usually do when getting into this Google rankings race.

Heed my words; always choose original well written unspun content for your websites and blogs. The same goes for your photos, videos, podcasts, and any other shared content. To achieve top of the first page Google and Youtube search results; and be able to bend Google results; know this, always, always, give Google what it wants!