Monday, July 25, 2011

Targeting First Page Niches: Google Keyword Research Tool Can Steer you Wrong!

If you are serious about targeting first page niches, then you should know this inescapable fact...using the Google keyword research tool can steer you wrong, and way off track! 

Targeting first page niches is all about targeting keywords, profitable keywords, and not just from the results based on PPC and Adwords data. Not to mention, this data fluctuates constantly, day to day; and most importantly, another fact you should also get to know; that most SEO people in the know, avoid using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool like the plague!   

But nevertheless, I wanted to provide a link so that you can check it out for yourself.

I will provide one simple example of how skewed the Google keyword research ad tool can be; especially for people learning this stuff first hand.

Just Google...natural health news...and you will see the first page for more than 48 million Google search results. The first page results are startling, if you were to take a closer look and see behind the keyword tool numbers...see the screen captured photos below.

The numbers claim a very low competition; 1,600 global searches, and 1000 local searches. I filtered these results for the US! Now, my BIG question to Google is...Who are you kidding?

The first page results show two of the top health advocates on the planet; with huge Alexa rankings, and a rabid following of millions! That’s low competition?

Both and receive thousands of unique visitors, sometimes even daily. Check out the Alexa rankings for these sites in the screen captured photos below.

Targeting first page niches can get you BIG results; but, if you are going to rely on Google’s keyword ad tool for those results, then know this; you are going to be steered wrong, and way off track...and that’s a fact Jack!

Try another keyword research that targets specific niches, profitable and non-competitive niches...Real money making niches!

Here is a link to one of my favorite...

Don’t rely on skewed data for your income. To get Google first page results these days requires more than just Google’s free keyword ad tool. Haven’t you ever heard the get what you pay for! Don’t let Google steer you wrong. Targeting first page niches can be fun and profitable, when you have a tool that gives you solid 100% reliable results!

Hope this helps you on your way to Google first page results!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Give Google What it Wants: Get First Page Results Today!

Google will give you first page results today, as long as you are willing to work hard at giving Google what it wants. Now, there’s the million dollar question. What does Google really want?

Honestly, I am no Google expert; just because my sites rank at the top of Google’s first pages, only makes me good at giving Google what it wants...and in return, I get Google first page results every time.  And that’s a fact!

So honestly again, I am here to tell you what Google really wants! 

Here it is then, the Anatomy of Search Engine...named Google....

You’ve heard these words used about, probably millions of times...and that’s not an exaggeration!

Content, relevance, backlinks, social popularity, website activity, number of hits, views, etc. I can go on and on.... We all think we know it; but truthfully, we don’t; we just don’t get it!

And, here is why we don’t get it...

Above and beyond any of the hundreds of algorithmic variables Google has to use in their analysis and ranking factors; and, even as they manage over 88 billion search queries monthly, and all the while, skillfully maintaining over 400 million websites; Google is still human and very vulnerable...figuratively speaking of course.

I meant that Google is based on human decisions, choices, likes, dislikes, etc. Basically speaking, Google’s ranking factors are human based, and developed to work on human perceptions. So, what I am trying to say is that Google wants to be given information in a human way, perhaps even in a humane way. 

To achieve those first page results today, you need to give Google what it wants; honestly, easily, through well chosen and descriptive words, that are natural sounding, and relevant to the reader, viewer, or, the searcher of the information. 

Talk to Google as you would to another human being in front of you; in a friendly and active, chatty manner; where you are interestingly engaged in a compelling and thoughtful chat. This means, don’t spin your content. Sure, it works to get traffic and backlinks...based on sheer statistics and numbers; but, honestly speaking; that’s not what Google really wants. 

Real people don’t communicate with spun words; they talk with sensitivity and feeling; sometimes finding just the right words, to communicate those very personalized ideas and thoughts. We are all unique and special beings. Not robots designed to digitize data by whatever means.

Truthfully, Google first page results can literally happen over night; but, not for every keyword or niche! Some keywords and niches are so competitive, that it would literally take either a lot of time or a great deal of money, to get those Google first page results; especially today, tomorrow, or whenever....

Consider Google as a human being; now, how would you talk to Google; interact with Google; want to make friends with get where I am going here. Be friendly, honest, and most of all be yourself, talk straight, talk truthfully; and if you do just that alone; Google will give you your first page results. 

And, the more you give Google what it wants; in return, the more Google first page results you will receive in exchange. It’s really that simple...this is how I’ve done it...EVERY TIME...and I can you!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Get Google First Page Results: Google Gets you First Page Results if you Give Google What it Wants

How does getting Google first page results give you what you want and what Google wants? Very simply, through the process of synergy and osmosis. Google’s algorithm is pure science. It is based on logic, higher math, and dozens, if not hundreds of individual variables, just for positional rankings alone.

It has become a Google world, where Google provides us with the most current, relevant, and socially valued information. So that we, the searchers of data, information, and wisdom, can fulfill our needs and wants...right there, right now, and as we view the screen!

Some of us, unfortunately too many of us, pull out our credit cards way to fast, and become disillusioned by the results; or mostly, simply fail to follow up on our digital downloaded purchases; and there they still sit, unused, collecting dust on our hard drives.

Please understand this; in order to get Google first page results, you must give Google what it wants. Just ask yourself what you want in terms of knowledge or information. What do you seek? 

If you know the answer, I mean really know it cold; you will know exactly what to give Google to achieve your first page results, every time!

Factually speaking, in their seminal paper entitled, “The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hyper-textual Web Search Engine”, both Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page, knew something much bigger and better was needed, to meet our insatiable thirst for knowing, knowing about anything that interest us, compels us, or fulfills us, truly it is all about us!

If you have the time, you can read all about it here...

In the meantime, please let me reassure you that getting Google first page results today, couldn’t be easier...again, as long as you know exactly what you are looking for....

Give Google what it wants, is not just about backlinks, content, or even the activity on the site or about it. No, none of these things really matter for Google; even mathematically. The truth to Google, is so basically simple; even the SEO experts, go all “figure figure”; and loose themselves and your website in the mathematical process.

To Google, you matter above all else. So that, giving you what you want, gives Google what it wants every time! Your service and satisfaction is what Google wants above all else. The only motto of this story...“GIVE GOOGLE WHAT IT WANTS” to Get Google first page results!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Give Google What it Wants

To achieve consistent Google first page results, you must learn to give Google what it wants! Google first page can mean big bucks, power, and prestige; and as a result, everyone wants first page results!

The easiest way some say, is through high quality relevant content. Content is and always has been King in Google’s eyes. And social relevance has never been more important to Google either! 

So, how does Google choose relevance of content and quality of content? I can answer this question directly; and even without disclosing the anatomy of their algorithms. Very simply, by the power and through the power of words! 

So, give Google what it wants.

This is how you do it:

Its bots are designed to search for words, keywords, current phrases, trending terms, actions phrases, celebrity sayings, corporate doublespeak, government name it! More than likely Google has it indexed, quantified and qualified.

You are either using those words which Google considers hot and trending, current and useful, active and social, or you are not! If you are, and you are giving Google what it wants, it will in return give you what you want...Google first page results!

Google first page involves knowing what you want to say and saying it so that Google understands it within your pages, blogs, and content. Choose your words based on more than just your choice and whim. Keyword research targeting is your best bet; to determine what are the popular phrases, words, and keywords that you should be targeting.

Google has given people, any user of their service and tools, the resources to totally dominate the first page search results in their favor. All you need is to make sure you write the most well written content, containing the most popular keyword researched words and sayings that you wish the Google bots to capture, as they do their daily fly-by's, and regularly capture your pages’ content.

Stuffing keywords does not work. Writing nonsense or gibberish will not work. Give Google what it wants by giving Google what it needs...words that matter most! Your originality and creativity matter most when they are rich with Google keywords that the Google bots love and want.

Do you want Google first page results? Then find the words, and then use the words that matter most...Give Google what it wants!

And in return, Google will reward you with what it is designed to do...give you Google first page results....

Here is a before photo of what the web page looked like before my blog posting....

Here is the after photo....