Thursday, September 15, 2016

Content is Not Just King, ‘Content is Everything’!

Whoever said ‘Content was King’, should have said, ‘Content is Everything; because, it is the most important element for an online webmaster or marketer to know; if they ever hope to achieve success within their chosen niche. Quality Content online these days, is like oil or gold discovered underground; right beneath your feet. It is yours to do with as you will; that is, if you know how to sell it to the highest bidder!

But, it must first be real gold and not fool’s gold; equally important, it must also be real oil, and not snake oil; if you get my meaning. Quality sells; and most importantly, quality resonates within the hearts, minds and wallets of every interested reader and viewer that loves your content; and devours it with every loving byte. Content is everything!

Regardless of the form this content takes, be it an article, blog post, video, podcast, PDF file, slideshow, etc.; the content you create or curate must be of the highest quality standard, and look and feel professional; or, if nothing else, it must be real! It must be real and honest; truthful and straightforward. It must be easily readable, viewable and understandable; while keeping your interest, and engaging you into an action; as intended. That’s what good quality, original content is supposed to do; to get you, into some sort of ‘feel-good’ action! Don’t you think?

I have said this many times before in my earlier writings and blogs, there can only be one original master of anything! In that article though, I was referring to an original work of art, and stating that there can only be one true master (like a Rembrandt or a da Vinci); the rest are all but imitators; nothing but duplicates, mere copies of the original masterpiece! I was arguing against spun content; because as a writer, I only know too well the true value and benefit of only producing and publishing, original quality written content, as opposed to the meaningless dribble of spun content!

It just works; and the readers and viewers love it; and then, they share it! Quality, irresistible and engaging content is hard to ignore; it captures your attention and interest from the ‘get-go’, and keeps you moving, as a willing participant, towards an intended destination. Simply, it just works wonders to create a loyal fan following!

I honestly believe that this is ingrained within our DNA and brain cells, to proactively engage in and respond to higher aesthetics, both in communication as well as within a creative and artistic framework. We know what we like and what we don’t, based on this innate and primal piece of our humanity; to be able to recognize and appreciate quality wherever we see and experience it. Know this, as an immutable LAW of internet marketing; “content is not just King, Content is EVERYTHING”!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Create Great Well Written Content

Create great content that is well written, readable and engaging; so that the readers will want more, even before they finish reading what they’re reading. Quality content communicates; it also resonates with the readers; as long as the message is tightly targeted, and uses their ‘language’. What do I mean by ‘language’? Language is based on shared realities, expressions, agreements and similar ways of perception. Your tribe, clique, group or organization, all have fixed beliefs, and ways of talking about matters, things and people that are common.

These like-minded expressions and individual emotional feelings towards anything or anyone keep the group in agreement and keep things real between them. They are both observable and measureable. And these, can also be skillfully used as a marketing tool to reach your people (whoever they may be); while communicating more intimately and effectively with your intended audience.

We are living in an Age where Content is King; at least quality content anyway! No longer will the search engines accept mediocrity, spun content, and other automated hacks to rig the system in the webmasters favor! Google evolves, Google updates, Google penalizes, and Google demolishes and annihilates ones rigged rankings; just ask JC Penny!

Quality, well-researched and well written content is the future of communication and mutual understandings; and not just online, but offline as well, within our society and other nations. It is where ALL the search engines are heading; now that most have AI’s to help them understand, assimilate and optimize their search results specifically to your search query. Know this, Google and YouTube understand EVERY word in your blog, on your site, and within your video. You are ranked or ‘tanked’ accordingly! :)

Therefore your words, expressions, connecting ideas and thoughts, all must be relevant and make sense to Google and the other search engines’ robotic analysis and algorithms; that is, if you wish to rank as an authority with relevant, well written, and great content. Otherwise, your content if it’s poorly written and just copied from here and there, won’t stand a chance. Google will know you, will rank you, and love or hate you, by the quality of your content and how well written it is for your intended audience.

I know this from personal experience; nearly a decade worth of writing millions of well written words, over a network of a hundred different blogs and niches. I know exactly what Google and YouTube wants, re content. They want, and now expect and demand the best. You know, content is King! So, if you really expect to be on the first page of Google or YouTube, know how to getfirst page results, every time; simply, by creating great well written content for your readership or viewership.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Selling Physical Products Online Vs. Selling Digital Products Online: The Power of Numbers

Selling physical products online are and can continue to be very profitable and ever-expanding; at least currently speaking! But, what is even bigger and brighter, in terms of financial profit potential, is the power of selling and marketing, digital products online! There has never been anything comparable in the history of sales; we’re not merely talking ‘arithmetic’ growth, speaking mathematically; I am talking in realistic terms of ‘exponential’ sales! That’s the true power and dynamics of digital internet marketing!

Physical products are manufactured, they use physical materials, and they must be delivered across many distances, using physical energy and individual human physical power. They mostly deplete our fragile environment and create much more waste, as an immediate by-product of both their creation and eventual destruction. They are not sustainable; and most importantly, shareable, with many others, and all at the same time. This is their greatest limitation and expense! More about this point later on….

Selling physical products anywhere, either online or from a brick and mortar, will always have its physically imposing limitations. For one, you only have so much space to allocate towards storing it, as you sell it. Even if you have a fulfillment house doing all the storage and delivery of the physical product; even the refunds; you will still have limits as to your number of sales; and most importantly, your subsequent profits…no matter what! This fact is simply bound to the inescapable and undeniable physical laws of the Universe!

Whereas, with an in-demand digital product; there are no physical barriers or limitations; no resistance to expansion; no friction on your forward sales; and, nothing to stop the exponential growth of your digital product! One that I might add, also comes with zero waste; at least not in physical terms! This alone, is of astronomical value; as long as we’re speaking, using larger terms. The vastness of space, is of comparable magnitude to the numbers one can generate selling digital products online. Hyperbole? I don’t think so!

At present, there are over 5 billion cell-phones worldwide; our world is more connected now than ever before; and yet, we only have just over 2 billion people with internet connections worldwide; so you can see, digital information is still in its relative infancy! We still have about 6 billion people that will eventually, within the next few years or so, come online. For the near future, feeding, clothing, and servicing the needs of 8-10 billion human beings will not be an easy task; especially, in physical terms. We have physical limitations on our population growth; if we grow any bigger; well, as we’ve already seen; something will have to give, and from somewhere!

In the not so distant future, digital information that will be easily accessible, practical, readable and understandable; while being affordable to the masses, will generate not billions, but trillions upon trillions of potential profits; to those marketers that are willing to think in terms of BIG NUMBERS! Exponential numbers! Our only saving grace as a species, in this author’s humble opinion, is to market and sell online digital products to the ever-growing and ever-needy masses. They need information to grow, to learn, to understand; and they need practical and sustainable solutions to save their lives; no matter where they reside on our planet.

Those digital marketers that will be able to communicate and direct their digital products to the masses, will be the ones that will be guaranteed a financial future, based on unlimited digital needs and growth, and realistically based on the true desires of the many needy billions! You want to see unlimited financial growth? Find a much needed solution or an answer to something people find important in their lives; and then, find or create a digital product to meet those needs; specifically and caringly! This is your only true formula for unprecedented exponential growth!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Get Google First Page Results Every Time

Getting Google first page results every time is not only possible but actually attainable every day of the week; and by anyone wanting to achieve Google first page results. Over the past five years that I have been writing this blog, I’ve tested and discovered hundreds of different ways to get those coveted first page results, sustainably, consistently, and within a timely manner. Check out, Google Ranking For First Page Search Results; an instructional research video I recorded five years ago, on my Commandresults YouTube channel. It will show you how fast, even by fluke, you can get onto the first page of Google, almost instantly, by the very next day!

Press Releases can also give you first page status; again almost overnight. They are great for events, launches and announcements. But, they are not long lasting; they can get you onto the first page; your product or service; website, etc., but, it will not remain on the first page more than a few days; certainly not weeks or months. It has a specific purpose and can be used freely or for a paid service. My video, How to Become a PR Web Expert, is fun to watch instructional video and can give you tips on the power of using Press Releases in your business or website.

There are millions upon millions of bloggers in North America; actually, in most large metropolitan areas there are a million plus bloggers; and on various platforms. So, many people are vying for first page results, and depending on the searched for keywords; it could become quite the logistic and marketing battle, to get onto those first page results! Through organic SEO it could take weeks or months; while paid advertising, Google, Bing or Yahoo ads, will get you there within a few hours; once the ads have been approved they are indexed pretty quickly for first page viewing!

Posting comments in popular forums, making strategic comments on targeted blogs or websites within your niche; especially sites with a large following; including your links, is the best way to get your site, blog, etc. onto the first page of Google. Google wants to rank an authority site according, giving it, deservedly, first page status and rankings. So, find some good site’s and start creating some mystery, intrigue, and controversy, while you direct them to your blog, video, website or landing page!

My easiest method to achieve Google first page results every time has been to create a blog, and then, to create a YouTube video with the same title as my blog! Optimizing this video within its description and utilizing the appropriate keyword tags; even locally optimizing the video for my geographical location. This has been my biggest secret successful action, in getting consistent and really fast first page results. Just watch a few of my instructional YouTube videos and you’ll see for yourself truly how easy it is to create a simple video, with your blog content, and then post and upload both to your blog and YouTube channel. It is the only way I know to get Google first page results every time!

Friday, March 11, 2016

If You're Not Building An Email List You're Not Building Your Business

My headline begs repeating, if you’re not building an email list you are not building your business; regardless of your market or niche. Another equally important fact that deserves mentioning here as well, is that your customer matters to your future as much as you matter to theirs; that is, if you expect to continue to service them, and keep them, as a customer for life!

Not all visitors, viewers or readers of any site will be able or willing to instantly take an action, or to do what you would like them to do at the exact moment they land on your website or landing page. You know, to call you; request more info; join your email list; become a subscriber or member; request a free quote, a free estimate or evaluation; get something of value,  in exchange for their name and email address-like a free eBook, free report, free intro chapter, free video, etc.

So, why let them leave, like everyone else in the business does; by that I mean, lose them for life; when, if you care enough, to get their names and emails, you may instead, capture them as a potential customer for life? Did you know that you can convert your leaving visitors from your website to your email list, and capture their names and emails just before they leave? One can double or even quadruple any websites or landing pages’ conversions, by skillfully and effectively using leaving pop-ups, and further calls to action, or relational offers, before the visitor leaves the site or landing page!

But to do this effectively you must know your audience, your public. What they like, dislike, value, fear, enjoy, etc.; with regard to your particular service, product or industry. This is the key!
Here is an industry fact: 40-80% of ALL website visitors to ANY website will leave that site within the first few seconds of their arrival; and without going anywhere else or doing anything else on that site or landing page!

Any captured list has great prospect value, and can be contacted and strategically developed for future use and to further add great benefit to any business/website owner. Take for example a website within a service niche like plumbing or roofing. Most websites and business within those niches do not capture leads, opt-ins, or email addresses unless they serve an immediate need or roofing problem or plumbing emergency. They all want you to call now, or request a free quote or estimate today!

And once serviced or spent, these leads, prospects and customers, are usually never contacted again. The business has been concluded, and now, other customers are pressing for their service and attention. They then move on….Never to contact them again! This is the biggest mistake any business can make! Not keeping and following up on any name and email that has been left on your site, regardless of whether you serviced them, sold to them, or even failed to sell them! These names and emails are like gold, that is, if you care about a customer, if you think like a customer, and if you are looking for a customer for life.

Following up, keeping in communication, keeping them knowing about your business and service or products, offering them useful and practical knowledge, updates, tips, discounts, etc., on any other future relational services or products, keeps them interested and staying on your list, actively and willingly. They may buy another home, they may have a neighbor or friend that needs a roofer or plumber; and, even if they initially choose another company over you, by you staying in touch, by you sending them follow up relevant emails, and by you caring enough about them, may get them to eventually refer you or use your service themselves; whenever their future need ever arises! 

Only by you staying in touch, and by maintaining friendly relations, could this ever become an actuality. Never underestimate the value of a name and an email; because at the other end, there is a live human being, one that wants to trust and believe in another, before they can do business with them. Your website or landing page has a number one priority, capturing names and emails of any and all visitors to that site or landing page. Help them along, get their names and emails every chance you get. 

Hopefully, you have realized the importance by now, that regardless of your business or niche, if you’re not building an email list, you are not building your business…for LIFE! 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

How To Get Your Business On The First Page Of Google

How to get your business on the first page of Google? People all over the world have been trying to get their business on the first page of Google for their respective keywords or domain names. Millions of individuals and millions of businesses daily are trying to achieve Google first page results.  Some of the research indicates that Google has 200+ various, algorithmic ranking factors that go into a first page listing. In other words, the odds are stacked against you for these first page rankings; that is, unless you know how to achieve first page results, every time! And, know this too, these first page results can happen almost instantly, and I do mean instantly; in a mere matter of seconds, and not minutes, hours, days, weeks or months!

In fact, there are hundreds of various ways; through diverse, online social and media channels that can consistently help you achieve first page results for your business or name; and almost every time, depending on the niche and your competition within it. These social media websites pull traffic like a powerful magnet picking up tiny lead particles. One researcher claimed to have recorded 160 sites that can easily dominate the first page listings for almost any keyword; if they (name/website) or their content is fully optimized. As mentioned earlier, the list does not stop at 160; there are in fact hundreds of them. 

Websites that are free to join, like business directories; classified ads sites; social media sites; social bookmarking sites; social networking sites; basically any website that has a good volume of traffic, monthly visitors, subscribers, can be used as a source for Google Love. Giving your content and website the link Love and authority it needs, in order to achieve those Google first page results. These sites also have a strong staying power, keeping you up there in the first page results for longer periods of time for your targeted keywords.

You can unequivocally and 100% dominate Google using YouTube video. That is an everyday possibility for anyone that knows how to optimize a YouTube video for viewability (Title & Description) and interest. These days, you can also control the entire first page results; taking up 10 full spots on that first page of Google search results, with your content; all naturally and almost effortlessly. When you know how to use the right keywords to engage interaction and commentary, culminating in real and authentic responses; then you know you’re onto something.

Having numerous social media sites that you are an ACTIVE member of, also helps to propel your content to the first page as soon as you distribute it; a simple but powerful tool to this effect is called Onlywire; at You can set up to 50 social sites that you are a member of, and distribute every piece of content you create or have produced for you along those channels, instantly! This too will almost guarantee that you will achieve Google first page results.

Follow my advice, because I truly know, “how to get your business on the first page of Google”.

Monday, February 29, 2016

WP Fan Page Machine a Real Review

This is a real review of what’s wrong with WP Fan Page Machine. First off, WP Fan Page Machine is an automated software product that produces automated results; results, that have been fraudulently created, and ingeniously crafted to get other Facebook users engaged to respond, like, share and reply to your automated postings. Fake postings, created by spin software designed to create multiple versions of certain pre-selected words and phrases, spun in varying forms that make sense, but appear unique. People engaging with them believe them to be real; if they knew they were fake, they wouldn’t waste their time!

In this review of WP Fan Page Machine I will only tell you the truth; not as I see it, but the truth as everyone else will see it; everyone else that is, except those greedy or stupid internet marketers that want to get on the fast track to internet riches, through automation and sheer laziness! Sure the product works; but, I honestly suspect the real quality of their leads. And, yes it can make you money; but, this process is structured on a false premise and a lie. Is this really how you honestly wish to run your business by creating clients on false pretenses? This is NOT a long term solution to prosperity; I can assure you of that fact right here and right now. NO business survives for too long when your client base is based on a lie, trickery or chicanery!

WP Fan Page Machine can make you money; it can get you leads, likes, comments and shares; and yes, they are from real people; but, they are being duped into their engagement by fraudulent means. I would like to think that the most important part of any business is SERVICE; it has been described as the life blood of any business; yet, I need to ask, where is the service in tricking people? That’s tainted and toxic blood, don’t you think?

If you care about your business and its future, stay as far away from WP Fan Page Machine as you can, as these types of automated programs can only degrade your credibility with your base of followers or subscribers; once they discover how they were duped, by a robotic program that is not human or humane. It is just a machine, designed to generate income at the expense of those poor suckers, stupid or gullible enough to interact with it!

Here is a screen capture of who's on the first page for the keywords WP Fan Page Machine a Real Review. These are the scammers, schemers and fraud artists!

If you value your subscribers and clients, you will demonstrate that care with transparency, honesty and ethical business practices; and NOT, by tricking them, or defrauding them in any way. I want to build my business on helping my clients achieve their goals, ethically, morally, because I truly care for them. And, when you lie and steal from them under false pretenses, you betray their trust not just in you; but, in any other legitimate business, thereafter. You end up dirtying the waters with your automated pollution; this only produces distrust, and leaves one with a very bad taste in their mouth! 

Here is my video tell all:


Hopefully you can see the truth for yourself, as this has been a real review of what’s wrong with WP Fan Page Machine!